There’s talent in trenches: Pats may find some gems along O-line

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Denism, Feb 23, 2007.

  1. Denism

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    By John Tomase
  2. Bertil

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    I wouldn't be surprised to see the Pats select Joe Staley and/or Aaron Sears in Round 1 if they are available. We'll all be sitting there watching Dwayne Bowe or Patrick Willis fall into the laps of BB/SP and then gawk in amazement as they pass in favor of the big guys...

    Expect the unexpected!
  3. WhiZa

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    I wouldn't be shocked to see a o-lineman taken early. Maybe someone to battle for the RT spot or backup Light when he gets injured. Also the Pats could draft a C/G prospect but I don't see that happening early in the draft.
  4. NoCal Patriot

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    Another guy That I could see the Patriots having interest in in the Middle Rounds is Josh Beekman,The Guard from Boston College. He's a smart guy who can play both Guard and Center and has done both in College.His versatility and intelligence will make Him have some interest by The Patriots.
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  5. stinkypete

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    I've been high on the Pats drafting Staley. He would be a perfect fit at RT should the team employ more of a zone blocking scheme.
  6. iguide

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    I can agree to expect the unexpected from the Pats. However if they do go the way of OL near the top of the draft they must find away to effectively deal with the deficiencies at LB & DB or we will not be back to the SB.
  7. borg

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    The Coaching staff clearly had no confidence running the ball to the right side as the season progressed. O'Callaghan may be the key to what BB/Pioli decide. If they have confidence in the massive RT, then I don't expect the line to be a priority. On the other hand, the coaches may want to slide Light over to RT and address LT through the draft. The Graham contract issue also muddies the issue and may affect the thought process. The line use to be the most cost effective grouping on the team, but Light, Koppen, Mankins, Neal, and Graham (If you want to include him) are making some sizable coin now.

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