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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by BelichickFan, Oct 31, 2006.

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    Sorry if this was posted elsewhere but it was an interesting comment when Theisman said that Brady throws the hardest ball in the league. Also with a very tight spiral - which makes it much easier on the WR than Bledsoe's very slow rotating throws.

    Anyway, we knew that Brady wasn't the weak armed guy he was drafted as but to say he throws the hardest ball in the league certainly got my attention.
  2. JR4

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    Sometimes I think it is too fast for some situations. That one to Watson
    that went though his hands was a bullet. :D
  3. 5 Rings for Brady!!

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    I don't believe that. His arm is far better than you can hope for in a former 200 lb. sixth round draft pick, but it is his technique and work ethic in the area of fundamentals that makes the difference.

    I can't compare Brady's physical attributes favorably to most of the starting QBs in the league. He is not about that. He is a self made man through hard work, but he simply is lacking physically compared to most QBs.

    He throws good due to practice technique and a reasonably strong arm. If Favre, Vick, Palmer, Bledsoe, Culpepper, McNabb and several others, worked so hard on their fundamentals, they would clearly have stronger arms.

    It doesn't matter in the least. Brady can make the throws and uses good technique. Technique makes his arm appear 'stronger', and he is weight training everyday in the offseason.

    His arm may be getting better every year, while his competition relys on natural ability, so that is a plus. That does add up.
  4. grapedog

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    Brady looked like he was throwing some fricking laser beams around last night...reminded me of Favre from years ago.
  5. Fanfrom1960

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    Nah. A comparable was when Elway was at Stanford and some of the receivers couldn't hang onto his fastballs. One of the coaches asked the head coach if they should ask John to slow down his throws. He (Wiggin?) said 'no, we'll just get receivers that can catch him'. OK, within reason, and you don't gun it as hard as you can from 10 yards or less, but I agree with the Elway case.
  6. shakadave

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    What struck me in the Vikings game was that Brady seemingly threw every pass on target! Except when he was throwing it away, receivers didn't have to do a lot of reaching back, diving, etc. Just incredible accuracy. Hopefully this is also a sign that the receivers are finally running where he expects them to.
  7. Whatabout that short pass in the end zone to Watson... that was about five feet too high?

    That should have been a touchdown, but instead, it was a field goal.

    Am I the only one who seen that play?

    I could have added the interception throw, but... I won't.

    Yeah, that's being abit picky, but you know that Belichick will say the same thing to Brady in those meetings.
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  8. MoLewisrocks

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    Off the top of my head think Watson was covered and Tom threw it away. The sad thing was Reche was wide open at the goal line but he didn't see him until he released the ball.

    As for the hard ball/tight spiral comments those have been made several times before over the last 5 years, so Theisman wasn't blowing smoke. There is something to it.
  9. maverick4

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    Sorry, I love Brady, but we all know Theisman is an idiot.

    Brady is accurate, but he does not have a cannon arm, nor does he throw with a supertight spiral; in fact many of them are wobbly. Go watch old 2001-2005 DVD's to see for yourself. Theisman was exaggerating about things the same way all broadcasters ass-kiss the stars of the league. It just so happens that Brady is now a superstar for the NFL, so announcers will continue to marvel at every little thing he does from now on.

    What Brady excels at is zen-like poise, amazing footwork to escape pressure as well as set up throws with good balance, and he also has excellent preparation and an ability to throw to the open man.

    I strongly dispute Brady's supposed cannon arm, no matter how much I admire him.
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  10. AzPatsFan

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    Did you notice what Brady did after the play. He sought out Reche and apologized for not seeing him in time and not throwing it to him.

    That's the kind of leadership that binds a receiver to a QB; He knows that his hardwork getting open was not ignored and disregarded. So he will continue to work next time to get open as well.;)

    I think Brady has a much stronger arm than he used to have. His fastball is much faster than it used to be. He has retained his touch though. Weight training works.:D
  11. Fanfrom1960

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    Come on, and not that it's that important, see Joe Montana, but who has a stronger arm now than Brady? Favre, probably not any more; McNabb, maybe; Leftwich or Culpepper, maybe. Manning? And Theisman isn't an idiot, he just talks too much and has an annoying, to some people like my wife, voice.
  12. MoLewisrocks

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    Nobody said he had a cannon arm except the guys who are somehow upset about their impression this comment purports one. I think it's in the wrist the way he snaps off the throw - actually uses less arm because the speed and tightness as well as accuracy comes from the mechanics.
  13. D-cleater

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    First, to say that Brady does not have a strong throwing arm, he just works harder at techique is a self-contradicting statement. He has a strong throwing arm because he works at it. He lifts weights in the off season and the 200 lb draft pick with the average arm in 2000 is not the same QB that we are looking at today. Strength is something that can be improved, for all you couch potatoes out there :rolleyes:

    Next, the percieved "strength" is also a function of the release. A quicker release will largely contribute to a stronger through and a tighter spiral. A fair analogy would be a third baseman's throw to first, as opposed to a center fielder's throw to home plate. Two different releases, two different throws.

    The same difference can be considered when comparing the short to medium range rockets that Brady throws, compared with the 80 yd bomb that you might see from a Vick or Bledoe. I think this was what Theisman was trying to get at , but he is just very poor at commentating and thats' why he sounds like an idiot most of the time.
  14. FloridaPatsFan

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    I did catch Brady apologizing to Reche and they kind of man-hugged and laughed about it. But it is important to let your receivers know you feel bad for not seeing them.

    Not to mention that it also keeps your receivers from giving up on a route when there is always that chance that even though your the 4th option, you still have a good chance at getting thrown too.....
  15. BelichickFan

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    I remember someone last year saying that Brady has the strongest arm in the league - I forget who it was now, unfortunately. Look at pictures of him now vs. 2000, he's not the scrawny liittle kid we drafted.
  16. ironwasp

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    He certainly threw a couple of bullets last night; one that absolutely cannoned off one of the receivers who barely ahd time to see it never mind gets his hands up.

    But arm strength is not everything; I just watched the highlights of the game again and there were two TD throws that really stood out - to Caldwell and to Troy. On both he had pressure bearing down on him, on both he had to kind of get up above the DL to make the throw, and on both he did so with incredible poise and accuracy. On the Caldwell td he put it in just about the only place possible given the pressure on him and the cover on Reche (who made a pretty tough catch look pretty straightforward).

    The beauty of Brady is that he can do whatever it is that's needed to get the job done whether its fire a howitzer into heavy coverage or float one up over the line.
  17. sieglo

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    Brady's arm may be more powerful than Chuck Norris'.
  18. zippo59

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    I don't know why people think they know so much better. Have you ever caught passes from Tom Brady? Theisman may be an idiot but he is certainly more qualified to make that judgement than the people here. Theisman is a former QB and spends a lot of time around current QB's in the league, so I'm going to take his word over the word of people sitting on a couch.
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  19. Bella*chick

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    I'm not sure why we should look at Brady's wobbly throws from 2001 on. It should be apparent to anyone Brady has worked hard to improve this throwing ability and what he did in 2001 has nothing to do with Theisman's observation on his arm strength last night.

    I think Theisman is as big an idiot as the next guy, but not for that comment.
  20. MrBigglesWorth

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    any lower and it might have been picked off, that was a small window to cmplete that pass

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