theisman and jimmy johnson on BB

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by SVN, Feb 11, 2007.

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    Thats awesome thanks for the read.
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    Good to read.

    Theismann says a lot of dumb things but every so often he says something really poignant and inciteful.

    This is from

    Theismann wrote it February 3, 2002, right before Superbowl 36. It's almost spooky.

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    Joe "Nostradamus" Theismann. Thanks for that post by the way.
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    My new sig..
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    That was almost scary. Hope Joe played the lottery that week.
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    No surprise to me. Does anyone else remember Theismann talking about how he went to throw for the Patriots in training camp? Another not-so-publicised "friend of Bill".
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    I respect the guys opinion, but still dont like him in the brodcast booth.. He should move to sunday countdown, and get rid of mike irvin..
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    Good articles,thanks guys.
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    Nice one! Thanks for putting it up.

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