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  1. :DYou have to go check this web site out. What a bunch of freakin' cry babies. It's the refs, it's the cheatin' PATS, no, it must be the apocalypse. These a-holes were smack talkin' all week. Now the sky is falling. Love it!:singing:
  2. reflexblue

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    Link pleaaaaseee :)
  3. PatsGuy

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    I've just been on the Jets Insider forum. There, I felt there was a good deal of self understanding and healthy dialogue. There, posters finally realized what they and their team really is; losers, choke artists and just soft. More importantly, jets fans in that forum "could just get it out". You see, that's important because once you understand what you really are, you understand what your role in life is and similarly realize in accept that the J.E.T.S. are what? pansys? :)
  4. Rookie

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  5. cstjohn17

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    The board is lightening fast, good performance but lousy posts..
  6. Practice Squad Player

    Schott thru the heart, he calls bad plays...he gives the jets...A bad name.

    A jets fan changing the words to Bill B's favorite band!

    the Thread was about bad play calling.
  7. Sundayjack

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    I'll ask again for those visiting theganggreen board, please keep trashtalk in the trashtalk forum, and please keep trolling to the world's eedjots.
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    Since we know what that's like in here, please make sure you heed Sundayjack's request when you visit that forum so they don't all come over here and make mine and the mods lives more difficult :cool:
  9. O.Z.O.

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    my favorite post so far-

    "It is now, we lost to a mediocre team today. The patriots without brady is nothing to be afraid of, and we repeatedly shot ourselves in the foot in a game the pats were begging us to win. We cannot go against Arizona (who is looking good), 1-2."

    when you see something like this you know that you're seeing somebody who is COMPLETELY clueless.

    So, are J-E-T-S fans about to become Cowboy fans and talk smack after a loss?
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    I thought the Jets were going to San Diego next week.
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