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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by JSn, Aug 8, 2009.

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  1. JSn

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    Here is a quick list of guys I think are wild-cards and may blow the doors off in pre-season. All WR's.

    Terrence Nunn - Slick and fast-learning WR.
    Julian Edelman - Shifty WR in the mold of Welker. If his ST skills show up, look out!
    Shun White - Quick WR with good hands. Not getting much talk now, but watch him in pre-season.

    Any other fringe names you guys think could break out in the next few weeks to steal a roster spot that seems locked up?
  2. patriot lifer

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    Re: The wild-cards.

    I know some people have talked about DeVree. I haven't heard much from him of late. If they take 4 TE's, he has an outside shot to swipe a roster spot.

    EDIT: could probably play ST too
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  3. Box_O_Rocks

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    Shun White will probably wind up on Reserve/Military like his mates, if he's somehow in a position to work off his Navy commitment while playing for the Pats he'll most likely wind up on the Practice Squad.

    DeVree still has Practice Squad eligibilty, but I'm enjoying the reports of the competitiveness between the TEs. It's too bad Watson is dinged up, but it's giving the others more reps. The only thing I've heard on DeVree that could be a knock is how easy he is taken down in tackling drills, but his hands have been drawing excellent reviews - to the point where it's becoming routine.

    With LeVoir on PUP, Britt is looking competitive for reserve Tackle. Bussey could be in the mix too as a four position player, but getting dinged up recently has him losing ground.

    I need to see Titus Adams in preseason to see how much he's advanced while on the Practice Squad, with Warren on PUP the DL may see a surprise addition.
  4. farn

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    I couls actually see two of the WRs making the 53... maybe not Shun... it'll be interesting to see what going down Thursday.
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