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Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by PatsWSB47, May 23, 2008.

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    #12 Jersey

    You would think gas was $1 a gallon.
    I have about a 12 mile commute to work, straight shot with no red lights. The speed limit most of the way is 50mph. You’d think everyone woke up an hour late. They constantly pass when it's not safe, and do to the inevitable heavy traffic we always wind up at the same light(s) when we reach town. The lights turn green and they floor it just in time to stop at the next light. It's not that I'm this slow-poke either. I generally am always at 5 miles or so over the speed limit. I find it ionic that this state full of tree huggers don't appear to be concerned when they're behind the wheel.............not to mention that I'm the only conservative at work but do more recycling of paper than my all talk lib counterparts. A few of them can't even throw their soda cans in the bin. They throw them away and then talk conspiracies with the return policy......oops! starting to rant.
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    Pats, in Maine you can drive down a back road doing 100 mph yourself and when you glance in your mirror there will be some moron trying to pass you.

    The Big Oil CEO's will be having their Poolside C-cktail partys this weekend sipping their wine and laughing their a$ses off at all the saps that are out driving around in their Motorhomes and raising hell on their soeedboats.

    Two Days of all americans not leaving the house would screw them up so bad gas would go back to $1.00 a gal.

    Good Luck Exxon You Got Em Where You Want Em.

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