The war on drugs...?

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by fleabassist1, Jan 24, 2008.

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  2. MrClutch

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    Like my good friend Tupac would say, "Instead of war on poverty,
    they got a war on drugs so the police can bother me."
  3. PressCoverage

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    sorry, but there was never any "War on Drugs"... never...

    the Cocaine Importing Agency

    or Crack In America

    undeniable, incontrovertable, inexcusable...

    and the only people who were held accountable were the dead ones who began to come forward...
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  4. More like Wars AND Drugs... :cool:

    Wasn;t there a CIA jet just a few weeks ago that was carrying tons of pure cocaine that crashed?

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  5. Harry Boy

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    Here we go again, ALL DRUGS SHOULD BE LEGAL if every schoolyard in America is selling them then why shouldn't Wal Mart be allowed to sell them.

    The best thing to come out of "Legal Drugs" is that it would put those Baggy Pant scumbag murdering Drug Dealers out of business, and the Columbians and Mexicans would have to start trying to get Geenland Hooked.

    Illegal Drugs is big business, the US Government, all of Law Enforcement, Judges, Lawyers and the Gang Banging back alley dealers LOVE illegal drugs, you have teen age dealers who can't spell "cat" and could put a bullet through your face then go home and sleep like a baby who are now Millionaires running around the streets wearing $900 sneakers and driving $90,000 cars.

    If drugs were Legal most of the crime that is connected to Drugs would stop overnight, the Junkie would simply walk into Wal Mart, buy his drug then go home and shove his sh!t up his nose, eat his jar of peanut butter with his fingers and laugh his a$s off at his light bulb, he wouldn't have to go out looking for his scummy dealer who might cut his throat if he owed him money.

    The "War On Drugs" is the biggest joke ever played on a nation of fools
    AMERICA LOVES IT'S DRUGS and America Will Get It's Drugs, the Smelly Dealers know Americans Love Their Drugs the Smelly Dealer and our Corrupt Government Will make sure America gets those drugs because Illegal Drugs Means
    "Big Fat White Envelopes Passed Under The Table, The Payoff"




  6. fleabassist1

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    I'm not sure if they should just legalize ALL Drugs... that seems a little extreme. I'm for legalizing pot however. I think that by doing so it can be regulated and taxed - thus giving the government their money and the people their weed.
    What I really don't understand is - how many people are arrested every year for pot charges when it's proven that pot is not as bad as alcohol:confused:
  7. wistahpatsfan

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    Can't argue with any of that.
    FTW is gonna cut you a new one, though, Boy.
    You can raise your kid one way or another. That's the greatest determining factor for whether your kids a fu-kup or a good person. BTW, drug use does not make you bad anymore than drinking a six-pack does. Some people need it to get by regardless of what the modern temperance movement and zero-tolerance sh-theads say.
  8. sharons_pats

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    1. When was a six pack illegal? illegal drugs make you a criminal. far different than a six pack.

    2. Nobody "needs" illegal drugs to get bye. That is such a stupid statement. If a druggies body has developed a chemical dependency, there are such things called rehab. The only sh-theads are people who write what you just wrote.
  9. FreeTedWilliams

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    So where EXACTLY would all these people addicted to cocaine, get the money to go down to Wal Mart and but their cocaine???

    I'm sure when they are not "riding the snake" that heroin addicts make for excellent employees.

    Seriously, even if you legalized drugs, it would still be controlled by the SAME PEOPLE THAT CONTROL IT NOW, they would just make more money and be immune from prosecution.

    Do you really think that the only reason for "street crime" is drugs??? The reason for crime, is the complete dissolvment of the American family, and legalizing drugs, would only erode what is left of it.
  10. Real World

    Real World Moderator Staff Member

    Wow, look at all the X. Ahhh, the good 'ole days. I had some great times during that run. It isn't for everybody though. Some people can't quite understand that the happiness is artificial. Most drugs aren't really bad if you are able to realize that the effects are temporary, and can never be permanent. Where people go wrong is that they want to be high 24/7. Just like anything, be it donuts, booze, or Sony play station, moderation & control is key.
  11. jack

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    What your thoughts on alchohol and families?
  12. Stokes

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    Have you seen how much a pack of cigs costs now? $5-$6 due to the taxes. If pot's legal nobody's going to be able to afford it!:eek:

    Seriously though I don't see a real problem with legalizing marijuana, stop spending the money on enforcement and incarceration for something many see as no worse than alcohol. Harder drugs though I would be against legalizing since users of things like herion and crack are a danger to themselves and others as well as a drain on society.
  13. Patters

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    I think drugs should be legalized, except those that can be shown to make people violent. By legalizing them you'd shift control into big corporations who, bad as they are, are far easier to regulate than drug smugglers. The amount of tax generated off the legalization could be used to create far more effective programs to discourage and fight drug abuse and other health issues.

    I don't think legalized drugs would lead to more addiction. I haven't known any addicts for many years, but when I did, they had no trouble at all getting drugs. In fact, I remember walking down Newbury Street in the late '80s wearing a suit and tie and being stopped by someone who wanted to sell me coke. If you hang out with drug users and become addicted, you will have no trouble getting stuff, and the addicts I've known held jobs, could pay for their habit, and only rarely had a bad day because they couldn't get anything.
  14. Wildo7

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    Here is the circular argument I love. Should it be legal? no, because it's illegal. Is it wrong? yes, it's illegal. Well why is it illegal? because it's wrong. And round and round we go.

    I personally love drugs, and you can use them responsibly. I don't need them but I like them, who is anyone else to tell me what I can and can't put in my body?
  15. Real World

    Real World Moderator Staff Member

    Wow, in the 80's someone walked up to you and asked if you wanted coke? OMG! I hope you got a diet! :D (teasing Patters)

    If I had a dollar for everytime someone asked me if I had drugs, or wanted drugs, when I was out partying, I'd be a rich man. I'll never forget when I was in the Sound Factory (nightclub) in NYC, where they virtually strip searched you before you went in, only to see EVERYONE doing drugs out in the open inside. This one dude had one of those bags men wear around their waist, and it was full of drugs. People would walk up to him and get anything and everything from him. He even had a little flash light that he would light up to look inside and see what he was grabbing. Me and my friends thought it was funny cuz they were almost strip searching everyone that walked in, yet here's this pimp with a hand bag full of drugs. The moral is, if you want it, you'll find it, just like Patters said.
  16. Real World

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    The thing is though Wildo, certain drugs are less harmful than others. For example, Heroin should never be legalized. Crystal Meth too. Drugs like those absolutely destroy lives. Pot is far different from either one. I can understand why some people do not want any drugs legalized, but yet I do see the difference between different drugs.
  17. sdaniels7114

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    If you can't sell Lawn Darts in the USA, how the heck do you sell Heroin without getting the exact same lawsuits?

    Booze is different. It takes real effort to get hooked or to kill yourself at your first sitting.

    Pot's an entirely different animal from either Heroin or alcohol. I always wonder if Roger Goodell signed the forms that ruined Rickey Williams' career while in his office and if that office had a bar? I know the NFL's backed into a corner by Pot being illegal; but that's society's choice. It ain't some truth writ in stone.
  18. Harry Boy

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    It makes guys go home on Friday nights after they get paid and kick the sh!t out of their wives, throw chairs through the kitchen window and cave their dogs head in with an iron frying pan.

  19. wistahpatsfan

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    Welcome to the discussion. I knew I could flush out some intolerant as$holes who are either in denial that they're losers who can't control themselves and want to blame a "substance" for their behavior.

    Tell me, is it OK to do drugs to "get by" if they're prescribed by a doctor. You know, the guys and girls who deal drugs at the street level for the big kingpins like Pfizer and Novartis. How many kids at your neighborhood school are on psychotropics for their "behavior issues" (aka - being boys) or how about your neighbor taking elavil for their depression?
    Give me a break!
    Weed and mushrooms and coke? What's the difference? To you, it's a matter of "law", but to those making the laws (aka lobbyists for the drug companies) it's a matter of cutting into their profits.
    Follow the money when it comes to " drug law".
  20. wistahpatsfan

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    Thank you!
    The law and order social nannies don't like hearing that kinda talk, though.
    Guess who else hates that talk? The prison industry.

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