The War Against Energy

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by PatsWickedPissah, Apr 19, 2006.

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    Does the US have the 'political will' to build ANY new sources of energy?

    Already, activists and real estate developers have stalled projects across Pennsylvania, West Virginia and New York. In Western Maryland, a proposal to build wind turbines alongside a coal mine, on a heavily logged mountaintop next to a transmission line, has just been nixed by state officials who called it too environmentally damaging. Along the coast of Nantucket, Mass. -- the only sufficiently shallow spot on the New England coast -- a coalition of anti-wind groups and summer homeowners, among them the Kennedy family, also seems set to block Cape Wind, a planned offshore wind farm. Their well-funded lobbying last month won them the attentions of Rep. Don Young (R-Alaska), who, though normally an advocate of a state's right to its own resources, has made an exception for Massachusetts and helped pass an amendment designed to kill the project altogether.

    But they also reflect a deeper American malady. The problem plaguing new energy developments is no longer NIMBYism, the "Not-In-My-Back-Yard" movement. The problem now, as one wind-power executive puts it, is BANANAism: "Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anything." The anti-wind brigade, fierce though it is, pales beside the opposition to liquid natural gas terminals, and would fade entirely beside the mass movement that will oppose a new nuclear power plant. Indeed, the founders of Cape Wind say they embarked on the project in part because public antipathy prevents most other utility investments in New England.

    Still, energy projects don't even have to be viable to spark opposition: Already, there are activists gearing up to fight the nascent biofuel industry, on the grounds that fields of switch grass or cornstalks needed to produce ethanol will replace rainforests and bucolic country landscapes. Soon the nonexistent "hydrogen economy" will doubtless be under attack as well. There's a lot of earnest, even bipartisan talk nowadays about the need for clean, emissions-free energy. But are we really ready, politically, to build any new energy sources at all?
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    When the rolling blackouts start hitting people will sing a different song.
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    I'll bump this one ... PWP was the soothsayer of the energy pickle we are currently in ... and he's bashing the liberals here ... one of my favorite passtimes.

    That's Pelosi for us all to enjoy...miss frequent flyer herself the skank...NEM's lady icon Pelosi ... he luvs her long time.

    The do nothing crowd then is the do nothing crowd led by Auntie Pelosi ... same ole' same ole' ... tomorrow they will wake up and talk the same sh!t they've been talking for years ... same sh!t ... different day.
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    Why would anyone jump on the "little kid-jack" bandwagon FBN? I agree though that this thread is very appropriate.

    It just seems like a few people took stupid pills or something tonight? I could see if they were making a statement, but it's just all BS. I'd love someone to explain what's the purpose or even why they think it's funny.

    I've never seen something this ridiculous happen on a board.

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