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    from BSMW, a voice of reason, similar to some of the more reasonable stuff that has been posted here previously...not a sky is falling quote...
    ....My view is that the Patriots aren't going to build their team in the third week in March. Last time I checked, they didn't have a game this week. In fact, they don't have a game for almost six months. Are they going to have a full roster when the time comes to play the games? I'm thinking they will. Will they spend to the cap? I'm pretty sure of that as well.

    There has been talk about how the Patriots mistreated and disrespected Willie McGinest. Not so fast. By cutting him when they did, they actually did him a favor. They could've hung on to him until the last possible minute, while other teams threw big money at other free agents and thus shrinking his possible market. Instead, they let him hit the market with everyone else, and it paid big dividends for him. Will his loss be felt? Of course. I felt like I had been punched in the stomach when I heard that he had signed with the Browns. After some reflection, I realize that this is probably best for both sides in the long term. Willie wasn't going to get 3 years, 12 million (With 6 million guaranteed) from the Patriots. The Patriots needed to find a replacement for him at some point, and instead of tying up more money in Willie, which would've hampered their efforts to find his replacement, they now have the flexibility to be able to go after the best available linebacker, be it an inside or outside linebacker. Mike Vrabel's versatility makes this possible. The Patriots have to do what puts the team in the best possible situation going forward.

    ....So I guess what I'm saying patient. The roster will be filled when the season starts, and I'm pretty sure this team is going to be a contender next year

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