The unofficial upcoming wednesday Bill Belichick Press Conference

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    BB: Hello what may I answer for you guys today?

    Reporter: Hi Coach,Is this true that your tax accountant said you can deduct the $500,000?

    BB replies: Yes the sunday night game was last week we are now focusing on Buffalo,what we did sunday has no bearing on this game

    Reporter: Coach,Have you sent the info the Commisioner demanded concerning possible audio tampering during the Jets game in addition to the charges already brought upon the team?

    BB replies: Yes J.P. Losman looks great so far,His passes have been accurate and he seems to be a very tough QB to coach your team against,Reminds me a bit of Jim Kelly

    Reporter: Bill have you provided the information commisioner Goodell demanded of you proving the last several years were not tainted in any which way?

    BB replies: I am not concerned with what has happened in the past,This week we are looking at the Bills

    Reporter: Coach,Buffalo seemed to have struggled scoring points so far this season,is this going to be an easier game for the defense than the first 2 teams you have played against?

    BB replies: There are no easy games,Every week is another challenge,we take it one week at a time and this week is Buffalo,If the players are not ready we can get beaten and we are preparing to play the Bills

    Reporter: Marshawn Lynch seems to be a very good young RB for the Bills,What do you see in him?

    BB replies: He kinds of reminds me of O.J. Simpson in a Bills uniform of course thats minus the robbery convictions (reporters laugh) and if you blend O.J. and Thurman Thomas together Marshawn is what you get,He is very good and will be a test to our defense,He may be the greatest back ever,until at least we talk about next weeks back (reporters laugh)

    Reporter: What makes Buffalo such a formidable team this week? - You know your team is a 16 point favorite right now,don't you?

    BB replies: Yes,These Bills are one of the greatest teams ever in the history of the NFL,They have a Great QB,Great RB,Great O-line,Great D-line,Great Secondary,Great Coach,Great Owner,Great looking Cheerleaders,Hell I even heard the water boy on the Bills sidelines makes an awesome Tang for the guys...So yes,We will have our hands full this week and must play the best game of the year to win this game.

    Reporter: Whats the injury report look like Coach?

    BB replies: All players are minute to minute now,Day to Day seems too long - Every player this week is listed as doubtful,We may have to put Pees in at LB and McDaniels at RB,I will let you know by 12:59 pm sunday of the official truly honest to goodness injury report about this weeks game against Buffalo

    Reporter: Bill one final question...If the Patriots are found to have committed a second offense during the Jets game,are you worried about suspension from the league?

    BB replies: I am focused on the Bills right now,The entire team is preparing to face the Bills right now...Thank you .....(BB walks away)
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    You would think the press would wise up by now, and just ask football questions..

    1. How do this team match up with the Bills?
    2. Are you pleased with the progress of the defense or offense?
    3. Could you breakdown the defense of the Bills?

    Instead they will continue to ask questions he will not answer, and then they will say he is "stonewalling".. the press has to get "real" with Bill and stop all the rest of the bullcrap. He will not divert, and anyone who goes expecting something else is wasting his time.
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    they feel it is their duty to ask the difficult ques. being the honourable creatures that they arent...even Ordway on the big show always starts out with questions he knows Bill wont answer...then he gets to the football stuff and Bill just opens up
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    And so far as I can tell, BB doesn't get irritated at those questions being asked.

    He just gets irritated when they're REPEATED.

    I notice the same thing when I do interviews with all kinds of (business)people. If I quickly ask "Is there anything you're going to tell me about subjects X, Y, or Z?", nobody gives me trouble at that point.

    Yesterday I did have somebody shoot back "You keeping asking different versions of the same question, and I'm NOT going to answer it!", but he's a very friendly client, so it wasn't really a problem. Also, if the repeats aren't perfect repeats, but are phrased like "Can you at least answer THIS lesser question?", things generally stay pleasant.

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