The Ungrateful SOB That Is Eric Mangini

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by JDSal45, Sep 18, 2007.

  1. JDSal45

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    From Eric Mangini's wikipedia entry:

    "Mangini worked his way up in the NFL. He began his career as a ball boy with Cleveland at the age of 23, and later became an intern in the public relations department. While working as a ball boy, he was often quoted as saying "no job is too small in the NFL." He worked 18 hours a day in the PR department, and at night he took copies of stats in the copyroom. Bill Belichick, then coach of Cleveland Browns found him there, and liked him so much that he asked the general manager if they had another job for him. Mangini was given the smallest coaching job in the Browns, putting film together for the coordinators"

    Must have been around the time Bill Belichick was giving him hundred dollar bills out of his pocket so he could live a little more comfortably. What a scum bag. I hope the guy goes 4-12 and gets fired by the end of the 2008 season, never to work again in the NFL

    J D Sal
  2. Gunnails

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    You Pat fans.

    Will you ever be able to move on?

    Mangini did nothing that BB would not of done, in fact I saw it reported that BB did kick out a Jets camera man last year doing the same thing, Pats did not confiscate the camera, neither did the Jets.

    NFL security according to Goodell confiscated the camera.

    Thats the way I see it.
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  3. Gunnails

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    I never heard anything about the $100 bills, is that true?
  4. patriotfan32

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    The Jets alerted NFL security, thats how it was confiscated.
  5. Rob0729

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    Check out Peter King's article later this week. Belichick would never do what Mangini did and among many coaches circles what Mangini did was far worse than what Belichick did. When you turn on Mangini by week 10, you will believe the same.
  6. ChoWZa

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    rofl. nice. probably be 1-9 by then.
  7. TripleOption

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    Yes, he used to do it for Pioli as well. BB remembered how bad it was when he was starting out and would help the poor assistants.

    Mangini is dirt.
  8. Gunnails

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    Maybe you are correct, it is hard to tell with all the conflicting reports that I have read.

    I wonder if Estrella had been more cooperative with security then he might of just been kicked out, that is pure specuation.
    I think things escallated much further out of controll then any one would of thought.
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  9. 1976pats

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  10. billpa

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    Horsesh#t! Mangina DID do this and BB never has. Mangina and all the
    R-A-T-S, rats, rats, rats own this legacy now.

    And F anyone who says "move on"; We have the commissioner of the league looking at Pats video for the past seven years. But don't worry, we'll keep piling up the W's while this continues.
    I would've thought you'd be more concerned with the Rats- you guys have some pretty big issues- like playing more than a quarter of half-way decent football.
  11. DarrylS

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    You Jets guys are spending too much time on that river in Egypt, come on now first of all Belichick would not have done it.. he would've gotten you back next time.. now it is Estrella's attitude, that is the most idiotic statement I have ever heard. The reality if Manjudas and his staff would have kept their mouth shut, or just confronted BB things would have been a lot different, however Mangini and his attempt at one upsmanship shows what an idiot he is and his lack of understanding of any culture.. some business you take care of privately, he will be under the microscope and ultimately be gone by next year.
  12. Bostonian1962

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    Ever be able to move on? That is an ignorant question, given that Eric the Rat has now asked the league to investigate other things besides the camera incident. Yeah, your sorry organization can keep trying to get a competitive advantage by making accusations against our team, and we'll just be quiet and "move on". I don't friggin' think so.
  13. thesmee1

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    Have you ever seen their boards? That's all they talk about. New England this, Belichick that. Bunch of whiney beeyatches. Mangina's tactics are backfiring on him in a big way. You can only deflect attention from the crappy product you put on the field for so long....
  14. PatsFanInVa

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    I'm with the Jets guy myself, personally, but basically this is all we'll see about our team between games this year. Sad, because I think we all should move on.

    As to this year's outcomes: You have a very good team, infused with the league's best talent, backed into a corner now, my friend. WTF do you think is gonna happen?

    We've answered some big questions, while the national sports media has basically talked about nothing except the boo-hoo of the day wanting his ring back, or the 2001 AFC championship back, or whatever.

    1. Is it just Patriots partisanship or late-game heroics, or is it really true that pairing Tom Brady with an elite wideout will produce elite QB numbers?

    It's the way it is. Tom Brady is everything NE fans said he is. Randy Moss and Wes Welker have helped make this glaringly obvious.

    2. Can Ben Watson play at high levels as a receiving tight end? Yes.

    3. Is AD a sufficient complement to the NE linebacking corps? For this season, again, it looks like the answer is yes.

    4. Does NE win because of secret spy tricks? Pretty clearly, the answer is no.

    I love the national media. Continue to sleep on this season. You Jest fans too. We'll be 16-0 before anybody notices they have to show up for a game, rather than take their place among the excuse-makers. You guys can continue to make the timing of your playbook issuing the coaching statement of the game. THat'll show us.

    Gentlemen, there's an NFL season afoot. The Patriots are the odds-on favorites to take home yet ANOTHER ring (you JEST fans have seen them on TV, no doubt.)

    What are you gonna do about it, other than cry?


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