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Discussion in 'Patriots Draft Talk' started by PATSNUTme, Feb 2, 2011.

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    Let's see who people think are underrated players at this point in the process.

    Here are 2 in MVHO.

    1.John Clay RB Wisc. I've seen this guy play a good number of times and like the way he runs down hill and fights of the extra yard. I seen people compare him to Ron Dayne. The only thing similar to Dayne is that he played at Wisconsin. He's rated on most sites as a 6th rounder. this is probably because Wisconsin had a good stable of RB's. I would not object to the Patriots taking him with a 4th.

    2. Pat Devlin QB Deleware. Again, I've seen him play several times this year and he reminds me of TFB at Michigan. No, it's not the similar helments. He seems to be able to make all the throws and has a good presences in the pocket. Reports are that he loves football and spends a lot of time working and studying the game. Perhaps worth our last 3rd rounder if he can be groomed as the QB of the future.
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  2. Well i do not know to much about certain players but i do know football. After reading alot of fellow pats fans posts on the upcoming draft i decided to do a little video watching specially on the DE/DT the 1 player i love is :

    Muhammad Wilkerson :

    Now this guy i find very intriguing and would love some info on him like why he is rated so low? Also where would you see the pats pick him? Where do you see him playing on the pats? Thanks in advance for the answers.

    Muhammad Wilkerson YouTube - DT Muhammad Wilkerson - Temple University Now please just watch how he sniffs out screens its amazing. Just seems to have great instincts. Also if he gets one of his bear claws on you he finishes. I really like this guy alot. He just seems like a man among boys. Thanks in advance for answers.
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  4. Patriot Missile

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    Wilkerson has been shooting up the draft boards lately. Everything from his film shows him to be a nice player. Fast, big and athletic. A slimmer Wilfork. I remain reserved though, even Maroney looked like a stud in his college film.
  5. Ochmed Jones

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    I go to agree as well. I see nothing on the video that shows me the ability to anchor against the single or double team. I see a player that plays a bit high and in the NFL, that is like being on skates.

    However he is very adept at shedding and sniffing out the ball.

    If nothing else, this draft has shown me that after Dareus, there is a giant cliff down to the Jordans and Wilkersons of the world.

    PS: One thing Wilkerson has in his pocket is that as a Temple kid, he got ties to Jersey and BB loves Jersey.
  6. allen bradford rb
    lawrence guy de asu

    tejay johnson safety tcu
    brandon (in)saine rb THE ohio state university
    markus white de - fsu
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  8. Bledsoe11

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    Devlin is one of those guys who was underrated for a while, then everyone started talking him up now hes sorta headed the other way and may be a little over rated. Clearly, in my mind, the most underrated quarterback in this draft is Greg McElroy. He has a national championship, never lost a game in his life until his senior year, and is extremely bright. kinda reminds me of Pennington. My only question with Greg is his desire to compete at the next level. The whole hoopla surrounding his Rhode Scholar candidacy would lead me to believe he has other professional interests. But if he decides to commit himself to pro football, he has a bright future.
  9. WhiZa

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    My Marquis Colston award for most NFL-ready WR coming out of a small school:

    Andre Holmes - Hillsdale
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