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  1. dryheat44

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    #11 Jersey

    1 New York Jets (from Houston) - Trade Houston trades this pick to the New York Jets, for the #4 pick, and also picking up the Jets second and third rounders (#35 and #71). The trade of Abraham gives the Jets this flexibiltiy. This gives the Texans six picks in the top 71, which is exactly what they need. The Jets use the pick to draft Reggie Bush RB USC

    2 New Orleans - Quarterbacking issue solved, at least for the short term, I look for them to draft Mario Williams DL North Carolina St

    3 Tennessee - Titans choice for QB of the future. The local kid, who I'm sure they've scouted all year long, or the polished kid with the pedigree and knowledge of the offense. I'll go with choice "B", and give them Matt Leinhart QB USC

    4 Houston (from New York Jets) - This is the guy Houston wanted all along. The trade works perfectly, and they get the safest pick in the draft, and someone to help keep Carr vertical. D'Brickashaw Ferguson OT Virginia

    5 Green Bay - Man, these guys need help almost everywhere, but the value here doesn't mesh with any of their most pressing needs. It has to be Hawk or Ngata here. Let's give them AJ Hawk LB Ohio St. to pair with Barnett. Did you know Hawk is dating Notre Dame quarterback Brady Quinn's sister? Really. I saw her once, and she had a jersey made with half an Ohio State and half a Notre Dame. If you blinked you may have missed it. The network showed it once, for a split second. Also, Jerome Bettis is from Detroit. Who knew?

    6 San Francisco - I'm sure they'll be trying to deal this pick. Maybe someone will want to leapfrog Oakland to nab Young or Cutler. Trade Baltimore swaps the number 13 and number 44 picks fpr the #6 and #84. The Ravens select Jay Cutler QB Vanderbilt.

    7 Oakland - It's been so long since Art Shell coached, I forget what his offense looks like. Vernon Davis would certainly be tempting here, especially since there QB is going to be someone like Aaron Brooks. Or possibly Vince Young, whom if he doesn't go here can tumble a long way. I think defense will ultimately win out. Haloti Ngata DT Oregon

    8 Buffalo - If the board does shape up like this, this would be a no-brainer. Vernon Davis TE Maryland

    9 Detroit - I don't know much, but I know this pick will not be spent on a WR. Michael Huff DB Texas seems to be the safe, solid pick.

    10 Arizona - Needs all over the defensive side. The guy who can help them the most is probably Tamba Hali DE Penn St

    11 St. Louis - You just know that new HC Scott Linehan is going for a new offensive toy. Ike Bruce is aging, and I'm not sure Kevin Curtis can be a number 2 guy. But a WR would be a reach here. It's hard to believe that in this day and age Brandon Manamaleuna passes as a starting tight end. Leonard Pope TE Georgia

    12 Cleveland - Romes could definitely use an OL upgrade. The also need a DE and OLB who can perform in the 3-4. Bunkley is shooting up the draft, but this may be too high. Denver has the ammo to get here. Do they have the desire? There are needs at TE, DL, WR. I think this could happen, but the Broncos are probably better served by having their first day picks. But what about all those picks the Texans have acquired? This is a good time to use them. Trade Cleveland trades the #12 pick to Houston for the #33 and #35 picks. Houston could go LB, TE, WR, CB, S. Even Vince Young. Lots of options. The Texans can reach for their greatest need. They select Santonio Holmes WR Ohio St

    13 San Francisco (from Baltimore) - And Shanny did NOT want to see that happen. Right now the 49ers are fielding calls from Philly and Denver to move into this pick. Philly can offer a mid third this season, while Denver, being without one from the Atlanta trade, would have to offer next year's second rounder. Which would the 49ers prefer - #76 this year, or #52-60 next year? Of course, in the AFC West, it's conceivable that Denver misses the playoffs and ends up with a pick around #45. Sure, why not? Trade Denver acquires this selection for the #15 pick and their second rounder next year. The pick is Chad Jackson WR Florida.

    14 Philadelphia - I guess they'll have to wait until year 2 AT to draft their #1 receiver. I don't see anyone dying to trade up to here, even with VY on the board. Chad Greenway LB Iowa

    15 San Francisco (from Atlanta via Denver) - Wherever he ends up playing, I'll bet the 49ers have a hole there. Jimmy Williams RB Virginia Tech

    16 Miami - Offensive line looks to be the primary need, but I don't see the value here. Bunkley is a possibility. Or a BPA approach. Or depth in the secondary. Broderick Bunkley DL Florida St.

    (Pats draft in four. Notables still on the board: Vince Young, DeMeco Ryans,Manny Lawson, LenDale White, Lawrence Maroney, DeAngelo Williams, Bobby Carpenter, Ko Simpson, Ashton Youboty, Winston Justice, Antonio Cromartie, Tye Hill, Leonard Pope)

    17 Minnesota - Well, I'm sure White would be tempting, but at this point Vince Young QB Texas ought to come off the board.

    18 Dallas - It's probably too high to take Mangold here, but there is definitely room in the defense for Ko Simpson S South Carolina to finally end the Cowboys' revolving door at free safety.

    19 San Diego - Aside from Wide Receiver, Corner seems to be their greatest need. Ashton Youboty CB Ohio St

    20 Kansas City - The Chiefs need somebody to help them stop the run, but the O-line is the key to this team, and they are getting old. The pick is Winston Justice OT USC

    21 New England - I think that the Patriots have to find an opening day starter in the draft. Obviously, free agency should fill some of the current openings. OLB and CB seem to be the best bets if they go this route. They may be tempted to go for a RB or TE here to take over next year, but they might not have that luxury. I'm sure they'd be willing to trade down, but I'm not sure any team covets somebody that much. Denver would almost certainly take Lewis next, so maybe another team like Cincinnati or Chicago wants to grab him? But if Belichick is going to draft a running back, will there ever be a better chance than right now, with DeAngelo sitting there? Ah, the decisions. Trade The Patriot trade down three spots and collect Cincinnati's fourth round pick. The Bengals select Marcedes Lewis TE UCLA

    22 Denver (from Washington) - Now that they've got the WR they coveted, what they need is a replacement for Trevor Pryce. We all know how Shanahan likes to collect running backs, but he hasn't done it in the first round yet. That's why I think he'll take Mathias Kiwanuka DE Boston College

    23 Tampa Bay - Thinking that the Pats might take the RB they want, the Colts make a move up. TradeThe Buccaneers trade this pick, along with their 3rd rounder, to the Colts, for their first, second, and sixth round picks. The Colts select DeAngelo Williams RB Memphis.

    24 New England (from Cincinnati) -They could probably trade down again, but I think the Pats make this pick. And to me, it comes down to who's going to help the most in 2006. Probably an OLB, or CB. I think the best choice here is Manny Lawson DE North Carolina St Caveat: If the Pats sign Arrington, which with my luck they'll do as soon as I post this, this pick would be Williams (back at 21) or Cromartie.

    25 New York Giants - Lawrence Maroney and Tye Hill come immediately to mind as guys who can help here. But they could also use a WR. Sinorice Moss would be the perfect complement to Plexiglass and set up an interesting brother versus brother situation in the NFC East

    26 Chicago - Defense is good. Agreed. TE needs improving. Also agreed. What isn't agreed that there's a TE worth taking here. With the retirement of Jerry Azumah, there's a need for a nickel back/punt returner. Isn't that Antonio Cromartie?

    27 Carolina - They really need someone opposite Steve Smith following the puzzling regression of Keary Colbert (drafted by all three of my fantasy teams last year...yeechhh). Not here. They have openings for two cheerleaders. Too early as well. What they can do is draft an LB to replace Will Witherspoon, so that's Bobby Carpenter LB Ohio St

    28 Jacksonville - Two things to keep in mind here: CB Brian Williams is the underrated FA signing of the offseason, and RB Fred Taylor can't be counted on. The pick is Lawrence Maroney RB Minnesota

    29 New York Jets (from Denver via Atlanta) - With Kevin Mawae gone, this is a good spot to pick up Nick Mangold C Ohio St

    30 Tampa Bay (from Indianapolis) - As Derrick Brooks winds down his HOF career, the Bucs can ease DeMeco Ryans LB Alabama into the linebacker mix

    31 Seattle - Tye Hill CB Clemson shouldn't be on the board right now. He can seamlessly replace Andre Dyson in the Blue Man Group defensive backfield

    32 Pittsburgh - Thus far the Champs have lost Randle-El, Kimo, and Hope to free agency, but also Bettis to retirement and Staley to one or more of age/ineffectiveness/indifference. LenDale White RB USC makes too much sense

    (Dropping out of first round from last mock: Derek Hagen. Taking his place is Nick Mangold)
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  2. dryheat44

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    #11 Jersey

    Second Round

    33 Cleveland (from Houston) - I think the second round sees a run on OTs. Let the Browns kick it off with Marcus McNeil OT Auburn

    34 New Orleans - Losing Bentley is huge. Mangold probably was their guy, and they may try to trade up. I suppose the next best thing would be to draft Max-Jean Gilles OL Georgia and hope one of the guards can slip inside. His name also sounds Cajun/Creole, so he's got that going for him.....which is nice

    35 Cleveland (from New York Jets via Houston) - Corner back it this team's biggest need right now. Let's give Romeo Kelly Jennings CB Miami to work with

    36 Green Bay - I don't think there's a team in the league with less talent than Green Bay. They need a guard, badly, but this is too early. So a perfect scenario unfolds. Trade The Packers trade the #36 pick and their sixth rounder to New England for the #52 and #86 picks. The Patriots select Joseph Addai RB LSU

    37 San Francisco - They would be wise to invest in a TE, CB, WR, or OLB. Ernie Sims LB Florida St. should be able to take over Andre Carter's old spot in the defense

    38 Oakland - With Charles Woodson a memory, this is an opportune time to replace him with Dee Webb CB Florida

    39 Tennessee - All teams that spend a high choice on a franchise QB should be required by law to draft OL shortly thereafter. In the Titans' case, that's Eric Winston OT Miami

    40 Detroit - Their next two picks are going to have to be some combination of OT and DB. The guy who seems to be ready to step into the starting lineup is Daryn Colledge OT Boise St

    41 Arizona - I don't know how Eric Johnson is going to be post-foot surgery, so a tight end could be a pick up, although the no-names on the AZ roster did fairly well last year. However, coverage is a bigger problem for the Cardinals, and in that vein, they'll opt for Johnathan Joseph CB South Carolina

    42 Buffalo - Their needs are in protection and wide receiver. The WR can be gotten later, so the pick is Jeremy Trueblood OT Boston College

    43 Cleveland - Brought in Big Ted W. to anchor the 3-4, but the Browns should use this season to bring in a rook to learn from him. Like Gabe Watson DT Michigan

    44 San Francisco (from Baltimore) - After two picks on defense, it's time to upgrade the offense. Namely, find people to protect Alex Smith. Ryan O'Callaghan OT California

    45 Philadelphia - Keep trying to fill that hole. Demetrius Williams WR Oregon

    46 St. Louis - They've taken some key losses on all levels of the defense, so I expect them to focus heavily on D from here on out. Abdul Hodge LB Iowa

    47 Atlanta - There appears to be a need for OT here, and they're disappearing quickly. Time for Andrew Whitworth OT LSU to come off the board

    48 Minnesota - This is a good spot to start the next run of receivers. Minnesota needs a burner with upside. That could be Derek Hagan WR Arizona St

    49 Dallas - Need help along the line, and Davin Joseph G Oklahoma could be the next Larry Allen in Big D

    50 San Diego - Need help at the interior LB positions, due to age and abandonment. D'Qwell Jackson LB Maryland would be a good fit. Next year they can add his brother Ny'Qwill

    51 Minnesota (from Miami) - Need to improve on the corners. Cedric Griffen CB Texas could end up being a very good one

    52 Green Bay (from New England) - This is more like it. Here they can comfortably take Deuce Lutui G USC without being laughed at.

    53 Washington - Welcome to the party, Skins. You've lost two safeties recently, and only added one. Looks like a job for Donte Whitner S Ohio St

    54 Kansas City - After not getting TO, they need to use a high pick on a WR. But they also need major help in stopping the run. Claude Wroten DL LSU seems to be a Herm Edwards-type guy

    55 Cincinnati - The weak link on this team is at the free safety position. Kevin Kaesviharn is out, and Jason Allen DB Tennessee is in

    56 New York Giants - Improve their secondary with Allen Zemaitis CB Penn St

    57 Chicago - And Ortsmaniese needs another target. With hands. Here's a likely landing place for Mike Hass WR Oregon St

    58 Carolina - How Kris Mangum has held on to a starting position for this long I'll never know. The man here is Joel Klopfenstein TE Colorado

    59 Tampa Bay - Kam Wimberly DE Florida St can add some youth to the DL rotation

    60 Jacksonville - A speedy OLB like Thomas Howard LB UTEP would be a good fit for Del Rio's (Spanish for "Of The Rio") defense

    61 Denver - Still a lot of good WRs on the board. Rod Smith can't play at this level for too many more years, and I've seen nothing besides height, leaping ability, and a sissy name from Ashley Lelie. The pick is Jason Avant WR Michigan

    62 Tampa Bay (from Indianapolis) - Could stand some improvment at the safety position. Pat Watkins S Florida St

    63 Seattle - Hutchinson is as big a loss for Seattle as James is for Indy. Charles Spencer G Pittsburgh, come on down

    64 Pittsburgh - Orien Harris DL Miami has a chance to step in as an immediate starter at end
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  3. dryheat44

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    #11 Jersey

    Third Round

    65 Houston - More protection, in the form of Mark Setterstrom G Minnesota

    66 Houston (from New Orleans) - More aggression, in the form of Dusty Dvoracek DL Oklahoma

    67 Green Bay - Their RBs are all coming off injuries, and call me skeptical, but I don't think Samkon Gado is starting RB material. At the very least Maurice Drew RB UCLA gives them a nice [cliche alert!!] change-of-pace back

    68 San Francisco - Losing both 3-4 OLBs this offseason has to set Nolan's rebuilding plan back slightly. They should opt for Darryl Tapp LB Virginia Tech

    69 Oakland - Personally, I'm high on Andrew Walter, whom they drafted last year. However, I've been told I'm high for thinking so. In any case, it wouldn't hurt the Raiders to draft another, such as Omar Jacobs QB Bowling Green

    70 Buffalo (from Tennessee) - WANTED: One fat-assed Defensive Tackle to replace Sam Adams. APPLY HERE Montavious Stanley DT Louisville

    71 Houston (from New York Jets) - The Texans are having themselves a nice draft. All they really need at this point is a CB, like Richard Marshall CB Fresno St

    72 Arizona - Dominique Byrd TE USC Byrd....Cardinals....get it? BYRD??? Stop, stop, you're killing me! Oh, what do you know about funny.

    73 Buffalo - Looks like Todd Watkins WR BYU is available to try to replace Moulds

    74 Detroit - They need a big, physical corner. Roll the dice on Derrick Martin CB Wyoming.

    75 New England (from Baltimore) - I would like the Pats to pick up either a CB (Phillips, Minter, Gordon, Blackmon), ILB (Dobbins, Wilkinson, Havner, Ingram), or WR (Stovall, Orr, Nance, Aromashodu, Baskett). I've felt that Dobbins would be a perfect fit here from day one, and nothing from the Combine told me differently. Let's see the Pro Day workout. I think the pick is Tim Dobbins LB Iowa St

    76 Philadelphia - Three thinks I think I think. 1. Correll Buckhalter's career as an NFL running back is likely over. 2. The Eagles have realized the importance of running up the middle. 3. The Eagles' front office is getting tired of the annual b!tching of Brian Westbrook. The Eagles select Jerious Norwood RB Mississippi St

    77 St. Louis - More defensive help is needed to return this team to relevance. The pick is Jonathan Lewis DT Virginia Tech

    78 Cleveland - I don't believe Romeo feels he can have enough pass rushers. The option here is Mark Anderson DE Alabama

    79 Atlanta - Andre Hall RB South Florida looks to be the next generation of short and shifty

    80 Dallas - Some might call it a reach, but Ryan Cook OT New Mexico has been working out at center as well as tackle, two spots that Dallas needs upgrading.

    81 San Diego - Went the small school route with WR last year with Vincent Jackson. AJ Smith goes to the well again for Greg Jennings WR Western Michigan

    82 Miami - Saban, who seems to be collecting more than his share of free agents this year, goes back to the SEC to draft DeMario Minter CB Georgia

    83 Minnesota - With draftnik Corey Chavous moving out, there is a starting spot to be had here. A good pick would be Darnell Bing S USC

    84 Baltimore (from Washington via San Francisco) - Oshinowo Babatunde DT Stanford seems tailor-made for this defense

    85 Kansas City - Maurice Stovall WR Notre Dame may or may not be the answer to their receiving woes

    86 Green Bay (from New England) - They appear to be a bit light on the receiving corps. Jonathan Orr WR Wisconsin could be a Lee Evans-type of high-reward player

    87 New York Giants - If Tiki were to go down, I'm not sure than Brandon Jacobs could be plugged into the offense in all situations. A quicker back, like Leon Washington RB Florida St makes a lot of sense

    88 Chicago - Joe Toledo OT Washington is my choice, and I don't feel like explaining it

    89 Carolina - Will Martin Nance WR Miami be able to give Steve Smith some room? Not that he needs a lot

    90 Indianapolis (from Tampa Bay) - Need to upgrade Jason David's position. Tim Jennings CB Georgia becomes the third of the four Jennings likely to be drafted

    91 Cincinnati - Amazing to me (seriously), Kelley Washington just hasn't panned out. Kevin Walter has gone to Texas, so the Bengals use this pick on the speedy Devin Aromashodu WR Auburn

    92 Jacksonville - Kyle Brady, it's time to be put down. Stepping in is Anthony Fasano TE Notre Dame

    93 Atlanta (from Denver)- Pluck Greg Blue S Georgia from down the road in Athens

    94 Indianapolis - Barry Cofield DT Northwestern is the athletic down lineman Tony Dungy prefers

    95 Seattle - Anthony Smith S Syracuse should be able to move in the vacancy left by Marquand Manuel

    96 Pittsburgh - Could we see a return of Slash with Michael Robinson WR Penn St?
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  4. dryheat44

    dryheat44 Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    #11 Jersey

    Arizona: (10) DE Hali, (41) CB Joseph, (72) TE Byrd
    Atlanta: (47) OT Whitworth, (79) RB Hall, (93) S Blue
    Baltimore: (6) QB Cutler, (84) DT Babatunde
    Buffalo: (8) TE Davis, (42) OT Trueblood, (70) DT Stanley, (73) WR Watkins
    Carolina: (27) LB Carpenter, (58) TE Klopfenstein, (89)WR Nance
    Chicago: (26) CB Cromartie, (57) WR Hass, (88) OT Toledo
    Cincinnati: (21) TE Lewis, (55) DB Allen, (91) WR Aromashodu
    Cleveland: (31) OT McNeil, (35) CB K. Jennings, (43) DT Watson, (78)LB Anderson
    Dallas: (18) S Simpson, (49) G Joseph, (80) OT Cook
    Denver: (13) WR Jackson, (22) DE Kiwanuka, (61) WR Avant
    Detroit: (9) DB Huff, (40) OT Colledge, (74) CB Martin
    Green Bay: (5) LB Hawk, (52) G Lutui, (67) RB Drew, (86) WR Orr
    Houston: (4) OT Ferguson, (12) WR Holmes, (65) G Setterstrom, (66) DL Dvoracek, (71)CB Marshall
    Indianapolis: (23) RB Williams, (90) CB T Jennings, (94) DT Cofield
    Jacksonville: (28) RB Maroney, (60) LB Howard, (92) TE Fasano
    Kansas City: (20) OT Justice, (54) DL Wroten, (85) WR Stovall
    Miami: (16) DL Bunkley, (82) CB Minter
    Minnesota: (17) QB Young, (48) WR Hagan, (51) CB Griffen, (83) S Bing
    New England: (24) LB Lawson, (36) Addai, (75) LB Dobbins
    New Orleans: (2) DE Williams, (34) OL Gilles
    New York Giants: (25) WR Moss, (56) CB Zemaitis, (87) RB Washington
    New York Jets: (1) RB Bush, (29) C Mangold
    Oakland: (7) DT Ngata, (38) CB Webb, (69) QB Jacobs
    Philadelphia: (14) LB Greenway, (45) WR Williams, (76) RB Norwood
    Pittsburgh: (32) RB White, (64) DL Harris, (96) WR Robinson
    St. Louis: (11) TE Pope, (46) LB Hodge, (77) DT Lewis
    San Diego: (19) CB Youboty, (50) LB Jackson
    San Francisco: (15) DB Williams, (37) Sims, (44) OT O'Callaghan, (68) LB Tapp
    Seattle: (31) CB Hill, (63) G Spencer, (81) WR G Jennings, (95) S Smith
    Tampa Bay: (30) LB Ryans, (59) DE Wimbley, (62) S Watkins
    Tennessee: (3) QB Leinhart, (39) OT Winston
    Washington: (53) S Whitner
  5. DaBruinz

    DaBruinz Pats, B's, Sox Supporter

    #50 Jersey

    Dryheat -
    You offer up some very interesting possibilities.

    However, I have to disagree with you about the Pats taking Dobbins in the 3rd round. Especially with guys like Havner, Stovall, and Nance still available.

    Dobbins is a 2 down player, not a 3 down player, unless he's significantly improved his ability to cover the pass since the end of the season.

    Havner showed in the combine that his hips are fluid enough for a big man to do the 3 cone in 6.82 seconds. That is very good for a LB. I also believe that Havner has the fram (6'4) to put on more weight and not lose anything.
  6. patpatriot

    patpatriot Banned

    Don't much care for it

    I'd be dissapointed if this were to turn out to be true. If D Williams is available I think he is the best chance to get a player that could have an impact both next year and 5 years from now. I'd settle for Lawson but realistically, he won't play anything but special teams next year while he learns the system.

    The trade up in the second round is an OK idea but to do it for Addai seems like the ultimate need based reach. he's injury prone and while he flashes skills has never been the man for a couple of years at a major school level. I just think it's way to high for him. If we trade to this spot, I'd want Marshal or possibly Whitner who I think will go at this spot. If we could stay put and get Whitner at 52 I'd be very happy. 75 is kinda high for Dobbins (size issue) so if Bing were available I'd go for him there or more likely Drew who I think will last this long. At 86 I'd go for Dobbins (who possibly could wait till day 2) or maybe Stovall.

    So my draft would be Williams (rb), Whitner (cb/s), Bing (s - BPA), Dobbins (ilb)

    And if the Jets trade up, wouldn't a quarterback be a better choice over a spectacular but physically frail RB? Who will impact more plays?

    Other than that. very nice work!
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  7. PATSNUTme

    PATSNUTme Paranoid Homer Moderator Staff Member Supporter

    #75 Jersey

    I know that some of you are hot on Manny Lawson. The four or five draft rating publications that I've seen have him as a 2nd - 3rd rounder. I have not seen any ranking him in the top 32.

    That means really means nothing if the Patriots scouts are convinced that he can be a player worthy of a 1st round pick. I've never subscribed to "reach' picks. If a team really likes a guy and wants him on their team, pick him so you don't lose him.

    But , I wanted to share that info with you.
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  8. BelichickFan

    BelichickFan B.O. = Fugazi Supporter

    #12 Jersey

    Browns fans would freak out over those picks. They've put a lot of $$$ into the OL and their CB are actually pretty good. You need to look to the DL and LB for the Browns.
  9. Ochmed Jones

    Ochmed Jones Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    #12 Jersey

    Yo Dryheat, I appreciate the effort you put into that mock. I love some of those trades you came up with.
    So under your trade scenarios the Pats would have (3) 4th rounders in 2006?There is some very good value to be had in the fourth round in this draft.

    I like your picks.
  10. dryheat44

    dryheat44 Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    #11 Jersey

    Their top three OTs are Ryan Tucker, LJ Shelton, and Nat Dorsey.
    Their top three CBs are Leigh Bodden (very underrated), Daylon McCutcheon, and Antonio Perkins.

    You tell me that there isn't room to upgrade/get younger?
  11. drew4008

    drew4008 In the Starting Line-Up

    There's no way Cincy trades up and takes Marcedes Lewis. His stock is seriously falling, and has been for awhile. He might even slip out of the first DAY after running a forty in the 4.8s! Pope would be a better suggestion, but I disagree with the whole premise of the trade up. I'm also not too fond of Lawson, and his stock could be falling a bit I'm hearing. Also, here's what his DL coach said about him, which is a little discouraging to 3-4 teams:

    "Manny is a true, natural pass-rush player," Stroud says. "As a linebacker, he struggled as a stand-up player, where he needed to rely on pure instinct. Manny really doesn't have that. "As a defensive lineman, though, with his hand on the ground, Manny is able to use some fundamental principles of football and his natural ability to make big plays."
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  12. dryheat44

    dryheat44 Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    #11 Jersey

    You bring up a valid point concerning Lewis' lack of speed. But he's a tight end who in the last three years has racked up 120 receptions for 1520 yards and 20 touchdowns playing in a major conference. At some point the production has to outweigh the fact that it takes him .15 seconds too long to run 40 yards. Belichick will make sure he doesn't slip out of the first day.

    Interesting thing on Manny. Wonder if it's the coaching?
  13. big mike

    big mike Practice Squad Player


    Lawson should be able to step in as a starting OLB easily by a third of the way through the season, perhaps earlier. I'd much rather have Lawson than Williams. I'd be ecstatic if the first two rounds play out like that above (although I doubt we'd trade down if Lawson is still on the board - too much of a risk of someone else taking him). I don't see Addai as being all that much of a drop from Williams, but Lawson has far more potential than another LB we could get in round 2.

    I'd prefer a WR (possibly CB) in round 3. Stovall probably.

    [/quote]So my draft would be Williams (rb), Whitner (cb/s), Bing (s - BPA), Dobbins (ilb)[/quote]
    Bleah. Sure, Williams would be nice. But I'd prefer Lawson, no question.
  14. drew4008

    drew4008 In the Starting Line-Up

    I agree that us or some other team will take Lewis somewhere in Day 1 due to his production alone, but there's no way he goes Round 1 anymore. The fact you have a team trading up for him makes it borderline absurd. I like the Addai pick though; don't know too much about Dobbins, maybe you could learn me a bit on him?
  15. Box_O_Rocks

    Box_O_Rocks Supporter Supporter

    The interesting thing about "instinct," in football it is more of a trained reflex based on field vision. Lawson demonstrated excellent field vision in his ability to find the ball when I watched him in the Senior Bowl. He hasn't worked enough as a LB to be able to make the LB reads and react reflexively to what he is seeing the way Bruschi or Vrabel does. Give him a couple seasons and he will do fine, which is a good argument to take him in the first round for the five year signing.
  16. DaBruinz

    DaBruinz Pats, B's, Sox Supporter

    #50 Jersey

    PNM - Most of those draft publications were written before the combine.
  17. DaBruinz

    DaBruinz Pats, B's, Sox Supporter

    #50 Jersey

    I am pretty sure that Shelton signed with Miami.
  18. rookBoston

    rookBoston 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

    #12 Jersey

    That's great work, heat.

    I think Pittsburgh, Green Bay and Detroit make out the best.

    I dont buy Houston trading up that high for WR Holmes. The talent gap between Holmes and Stovall is really not all that impressive.

    I like your Pats draft class a lot, but I dont see any need to trade up for a RB. Addai is a good choice, but we've got enough talent under contract at the position.

    My class would be:

    #24 DE Lawson - love the trade down to land him
    #52 S Whitner - one of my favorite DBs in the draft
    #75 LB Dobbins - if you insist
    #86 TE Anthony Fasano - from the hand of Charlie Weis, and the eventual backfill for Grahambo
  19. jczxohn1

    jczxohn1 Supporter Supporter

    Awful lot o' tradin' goin' on heah. Don't know why you have the Pats trading up to get Addai when none of the teams you've listed between 36 and 52 had RB needs? No complaint on Lawson but I'd rather see a WR or OL at 3rd (#86). Great read. Maybe we should hold off til next yr for Ny'Quell.
  20. flutie2phelan

    flutie2phelan Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    Never really saw much of Uncle Heatster around Christmastime ... or any other occasion for gift-giving.

    But Auntie Heatster truly loved him ... found him witty and charming ... and how that ol' timer could draft !
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