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The Trades Down from #23

Discussion in 'Patriots Draft Talk' started by BelichickFan, Sep 22, 2009.

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    #24 Jersey

    With the Jax #2 we got looking like a top ten in the round pick I was curious exactly what we paid for it.

    Following the trades here :

    2009 NFL Draft Notes

    I think we ended up trading :

    #23 for Darius Bulter, Julian Edelman, Jacksonville #2 and Tennessee #2.

    Wow. I wanted us to take Butler at #23.

    Now, I can make mistakes on these things but I think it goes like this :

    #23 for #26 and #162

    Then #26 and #162 are traded for the Butler pick (#41) and two #3s. The second #3 goes to Tennessee for their #2. The earlier #3 goes to Jacksonville for their #2 and 2009 #232 overall which ended up being Edelman.

    So, unless I'm mistaken, we ended up getting Butler, who most had in the late first round, anyway, and got Edelman and two #2s for our efforts. Very Nice :)
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