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The Third Annual Seven Round Mock

Discussion in 'Patriots Draft Talk' started by dryheat44, Apr 26, 2006.

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  1. dryheat44

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    Sep 14, 2004
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    #75 Jersey

    I expect several trades between now and draft day to invalidate this. Nonetheless. Fewer trades than in previous years, maybe I'm just lazier. Lots of good players going undrafted here. Enjoy.

    1 Houston - As was the case last year with the 49ers, the Texans are going to draft whoever they believe they can sign beforehand. I still think a drop down to #4 is a possibility. The new illegal payment
    scandal at USC might give the Texans the excuse they need to pass on Bush if they're not so enamored with him, and draft better according to need, either on the O-Line or the defense. The question, to me, is
    do the Jets want Reggie Bush. If I'm the Jets, and I play in the media capital of the world, and I'm angling for a new stadium and to sell the team soon, I make the move for Bush. If Houston stays here, I'm
    going to walk out on the ledge and give them Williams. But I'm going to do the trade again. Because Houston really wants to trade down, I think the Jets can get the edge on the "value board".
    TradeThe Texans trade the #1 pick to the New York Jets for the #4 and #71 pick (third rounder) and New York's first round pick in 2007. The Jets select Reggie Bush RB USC.

    2 New Orleans - I'm sure the Saints are listening to offers for this spot. Team Leinhart is hollering at Green Bay that they'd better move up if they want to get him. Team Leinhart is hollering at Tennessee
    that they'd better move up if they want to get him. Team Leinhart is hollering at Oakland that they'd better move up if they want to get him. Unfortunately for Team Leinhart, aside from Norm Chow and
    Jeff Fisher, nobody else is enamored with Matt Leinhart, especially with his recent "Hollywood" routine, and they know that they're his only suitors. New Orleans keeps the pick and drafts Mario Williams DE NC State.

    3 Tennessee - GM Floyd Reese wants Vince Young. HC Jeff Fisher, and OC Norm Chow want Leinhart. Unless Mr. Reese wants to replace the other two after they resign shortly after the draft, he'd
    better concede this one. The Titans draft Matt Leinhart QB USC. Presumably, Team Leinhart is going to refuse their cut on the contract, since they promised and failed to get Matt Leinhart drafted first overall.

    4 Houston (from New York Jets) - The locals demand Vince Young. Football people demand protection for the quarterback they already have on the roster. The Texans draft D'Brickashaw Ferguson OT Virginia.

    5 Green Bay - Green Bay's in a good spot here. It's no secret Oakland wants to get Vince Young. They can with a small trade up, and at worse, it's 50/50 the Packers can still draft they guy they want at #7 and probably squeeze the Raiders a little bit. Trade The Packers trade the #5 and #104 (fourth round) pick to the Oakland Raiders in exchange for the #7, #69 (third round), and # 176 (sixth round) picks. The Raiders select Vince Young QB Texas.

    6 San Francisco - Justice would make sense here. Ditto Davis. Ditto Ngata. Coach Nolan wants to run the 3-4, but he doesn't have the playmakers for it. Bringing in AJ Hawk LB Ohio St would at least give them a start.

    7 Green Bay (from Oakland) - The Packers were hoping Hawk fell here. Instead, they take their consolation prize, Haloti Ngata DT Oregon.

    8 Buffalo - This is the no-brainer of the bunch. Vernon Davis TE Maryland

    9 Detroit - A likely landing place for Michael Huff DB Texas.

    10 Arizona - Dennis Green seems to prefer players who can contribute immediately. That looks like possibly B-Rod Bunkley or, more likely, Winston Justice OT USC

    11 St. Louis - Broderick Bunkley DT Florida St.

    12 Cleveland - We're now firmly in that stretch where people want to trade down, as every team will have a different draft order from 12 to 50. If the Browns can't trade down, Romeo will draft a linebacker here. Which one will obviously depend on his preference. I'll give him Manny Lawson DE NC State.

    13 Baltimore - This is likely trade-up territory. A number of teams could go for Kamerion Wimbley here, the Pats included. But I don't see Belichick moving up this far. Baltimore is waiting for Steve McNair to be released, or if not, will sign Kerry Collins. That's treating a gunshot wound with gauze. They've lost Ice-Cube look-alike Anthony Wright. That's not a huge loss, but it means there's an opening. A QB trio of McNair, Boller, and Jay Cutler QB Vanderbilt looks good, at least on paper.

    14 Philadelphia - They might be tempted for a WR this early, but the value isn't there. The Eagles have a pretty good track record of BPA. To me, that's D'Angelo Williams RB Memphis

    15 Denver (from Atlanta) - Denver is not known for reaching either, but I think circumstances here allow them to take Chad Jackson WR Florida

    16 Miami - That ker-plunk sound you just heard was Kamerion Wimbley DE Florida St falling into Nick Saban's lap.

    17 Minnesota - Ernie Sims LB Florida St can provide the Vikings D with some much-needed speed.

    18 Dallas - Yet another candidate to move down, but there's not many dancing partners out there. Parcells should take Santonio Holmes WR Ohio St to insure himself against the inevitable T.O. flare-up.

    19 San Diego - Secondary is a glaring weakness here. The Chargers take Antonio Cromartie CB Florida St

    20 Kansas City - The Chiefs get lucky here. Indy wants (or at least should want) Lawrence Maroney, who's a natural replacement for Edgerrin, and this looks to be a good place to move up to get him. Trade Kansas City trades the #20 and #154 (fifth round) picks to Indianapolis for the #30 and #62 (second round) picks. The Colts select Laurence Maroney RB Minnesota.

    21 New England - Greenway, Hali, Pope, Mangold, and Hill are probably the players New England is deciding among. Ideally, they'd trade down about four or five spots. It's possible a team like Chicago or
    Cincinnati wants Pope ahead of the 49ers, who are also probably targeting Pope. Maybe it's wishful thinking, but I'm calling for a Trade. The Patriots trade the #21 pick toCincinnati in exchange for the #24 and #123 (fourth round) picks. The Bengals take Leonard Pope TE Georgia.

    22 San Francisco (from Washington thru Denver) - I've got no problem giving them yet another projected linebacker in the first round. Tamba Hali DE Penn St.

    23 Tampa Bay - DeMeco Ryans LB Alabama. Ryans should be Derrick Brooks' successor at WLB.

    24 New England (from Cincinnati) - Greenway, Mangold, and Hill are probably the three finalists for this spot, depending on which way they want to go. In times like this, I tend to look at the difference
    between the player in question, and the next best at that position. In my opinion, the biggest drop off happens at the center position. Between Koppen's injury and his looming UFA status, Nick Mangold C Ohio St makes too much sense. Tie him up for five years, and we got ourselves a Player.

    25 New York Giants - Chad Greenway LB Iowa.

    26 Chicago - This is probably a reach for Klopfenstein. Since Ricky Manning may end up in jail, I'll give da Bearse Jimmy Williams DB Virginia Tech.

    27 Carolina - My understanding is that they plan of moving last year's strong safety, Thomas Davis, to WLB to replace Will Witherspoon. That opens up a spot for Donte Whitner S Ohio St.

    28 Jacksonville - Davin Joseph G Oklahoma

    29 New York Jets (from Denver thru Atlanta) - Ty out, Tye in. Tye Hill CB Clemson gives them two corners who were college teammates at Clemson.

    30 Kansas City (from Indianapolis) - Johnathan Joseph CB South Carolina

    31 Seattle - The defending NFC champs have enough holes from injury and defection that gives them plenty of options. CB and FS are among them, so it would make sense to draft Jason Allen DB Tennessee and see where he fits in.

    32 Pittsburgh - The Steelers have to replace some starters as well. The one hole that can be easily filled here is in the defensive backfield. Ko Simpson S South Carolina can step into Chris Hope's old
    free safety position. Some might call it a reach. It's funny how often well-managed teams get criticized for reaching (Deion Branch and Logan Mankins come immediately to mind).
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  2. dryheat44

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    Sep 14, 2004
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    #75 Jersey

    Second Round

    33 Houston - Switching from a 3-4 to a 4-3. A good pick would be Mathias Kiwanuka DE Boston College

    34 New Orleans - The one thing I'll always remember about the Saints/Pats game last year was a stiff tight end named Hilton had somehow become a Saints go-to guy. Let's give new QB Drew Brees a weapon like Joe Klopfenstein TE Colorado. Especially if Stallworth ends up traded.

    35 New York Jets - Unless somebody's looking to trade up, the best move here would be to draft Bobby Carpenter LB Ohio St.

    36 Green Bay - An interior lineman in a must here. Max-Jean Gilles G Georgia.

    37 Denver (from San Francisco) - Could go a lot of different directions. LenDale. Wroten. Bing. Lewis. Darnell Bing S USC probably makes the most sense, as Lynch's production and leadership will have to be replaced soon.

    38 Oakland - John McCargo DT NC State.

    39 Tennessee - Richard Marshall CB Fresno St.

    40 Detroit - Ashton Youboty CB Ohio St

    41 Arizona - Claude Wroten DT LSU

    42 Buffalo - Eric Winston OT Miami

    43 Cleveland - Marcus McNeil OT Auburn

    44 Baltimore - D'Qwell Jackson LB Maryland

    45 Philadelphia - Sinorice Moss WR Miami

    46 St. Louis - Marcedes Lewis TE UCLA

    47 Atlanta - LenDale White RB USC

    48 Minnesota - Deuce Lutui G USC

    49 Dallas - Gabe Watson DT Michigan

    50 San Diego - Derek Hagan WR Arizona St.

    51 Minnesota (from Miami) - Kelly Jennings CB Miami

    52 New England - Joseph Addai RB LSU gets the call over Hass, Hodge, or Harris.

    53 Washington - Thomas Howard LB UTEP

    54 Kansas City - Daryn Colledge OT Boise St

    55 Cincinnati - Daniel Bullocks S Nebraska

    56 New York Giants - Cedric Griffen CB Texas

    57 Chicago - The Bears really don't want anybody here. Tank Johnson may miss some significant time, however, so their best move would be for Jonathan Lewis DT Virginia Tech.

    58 Carolina - They need a tight end and big back, neither of which fits in this slot. Demetrius Williams WR Oregon could prove useful.

    59 Tampa Bay - Ryan O'Callaghan OT California

    60 Jacksonville - Danieal Manning CB Abilene Christian

    61 Denver - Tony Scheffler TE Western Michigan

    62 Kansas City (from Indianapolis) - Rod Wright DT Texas

    63 Seattle - DeMario Minter CB Georgia

    64 Pittsburgh - Orien Harris DT Miami

    Third Round

    65 Houston - Jeremy Trueblood OT Boston College

    66 Houston (from New Orleans) - Jason Avant WR Michigan

    67 Green Bay - Maurice Stovall WR Notre Dame

    68 Denver (from San Francisco) - Kyle Williams DT LSU

    69 Green Bay (from Oakland) - Abdul Hodge LB Iowa

    70 Buffalo (from Tennessee) - Greg Jennings WR Western Michigan

    71 Houston (from New York Jets) - Maurice Drew RB UCLA

    72 Arizona - Pat Watkins S Florida St.

    73 Buffalo - Omar Jacobs QB Bowling Green

    74 Detroit - Charles Spencer OL Pittsburgh

    75 New England (from Baltimore) - Mike Hass WR Oregon St.

    76 Philadelphia - Andrew Whitworth OT LSU

    77 St. Louis - Martin Nance WR Miami Ohio

    78 Cleveland - Alan Zemaitis CB Penn St

    79 Atlanta - Anthony Smith S Syracuse

    80 Dallas - Brodie Croyle QB Alabama

    81 San Diego - Gerris Wilkerson LB Georgia Tech

    82 Miami - Dee Webb CB Florida

    83 Minnesota - Kellen Clemens QB Oregon

    84 San Francisco (from Washington) - Darryl Tapp DE Virginia Tech

    85 Kansas City - Derek Martin CB Wyoming

    86 New England - Mark Anderson DE Alabama

    87 New York Giants - Will Blackmon CB Boston College

    88 Chicago - Anthony Fasano TE Notre Dame

    89 Carolina - Jerious Norwood RB Mississippi St

    90 Tampa Bay - Fred Matua G USC

    91 Cincinnati - Dusty Dvoracek DT Oklahoma

    92 Jacksonville - Brian Calhoun RB Wisconsin

    93 Atlanta (from Denver) - Jonathan Scott OT Texas

    94 Indianapolis - Rocky McIntosh LB Miami

    95 Minnesota (from Seattle) - Jon Alston LB Stanford

    96 Pittsburgh - Michael Robinson WR Penn St

    97 New York Jets - Barry Cofield DE Northwestern
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  3. dryheat44

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    Sep 14, 2004
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    #75 Jersey

    Fourth Round

    98 Houston - Ryan Cook C New Mexico

    99 New Orleans - Charlie Whitehurst QB Clemson

    100 San Francisco - Dominique Byrd TE USC

    101 Oakland - Marcus Maxey CB Miami

    102 Tennessee - Greg Blue S Georgia

    103 New York Jets - Chris Chester C Oklahoma

    104 Oakland (from Green Bay) - Devin Hester WR Miami

    105 Buffalo - Bernard Pollard S Purdue

    106 New England (from Detroit) - David Pittman CB Northwestern St

    107 Arizona - Garrett Mills FB Tulsa

    108 Philadelphia - Keith Ellison LB Oregon St

    109 St. Louis - Parys Haralson DE Tennesee

    110 Cleveland - Babatunde Oshinowo DT Stanford

    111 Baltimore - Joe Toledo OT Washington

    112 Cleveland (from Atlanta) - Jerome Harrison RB Washington St

    113 San Diego - Roman Harper S Alabama

    114 Miami - Leon Washington RB Florida St

    115 Minnesota - Travis Wilson WR Oklahoma

    116 Philadelphia (from Dallas) - AJ Nicholson Florida St

    117 New York Jets (from Kansas City) - Greg Lee WR Pittsburgh

    118 New England - Tim Dobbins LB Iowa St

    119 Denver (from Washington) - Greg Eslinger C Minnesota

    120 Chicago - Antoine Bethea DB Howard

    121 Carolina - David Thomas TE Texas

    122 Tampa Bay - Tim Jennings CB Georgia

    123 New England (from Cincinnati) - Hank Baskett WR New Mexico

    124 New York Giants - Guy Whimper T East Carolina

    125 Jacksonville - Leon Williams LB Miami

    126 Denver - DonTrelle Moore RB New Mexico

    127 Philadelphia (from Indianapolis) - Jesse Maholena DT Tennessee

    128 Seattle - Rob Sims G Ohio St

    129 Pittsburgh - Gerald Riggs RB Tennessee

    130 Denver - Ray Edwards DE Purdue

    131 Pittsburgh - Montavius Stanley DT Louisville

    132 Baltimore - Paul McQuistan OT Weber St

    133 Pittsburgh - Mike Degory C Florida

    Fifth Round

    134 Buffalo (from Houston) - Kevin Boothe G Cornell

    135 New Orleans - Andre Hall RB South Florida

    136 New England (from Oakland) - Brian Iwuh LB Colorado

    137 Tennessee - Gerrick McPhearson CB Maryland

    138 New York Jets - Owen Daniels TE Wisconsin

    139 Green Bay - Tim Day TE Oregon

    140 San Francisco - Charles Gordon CB Kansas

    141 Detroit - Brandon Williams WR Wisconsin

    142 Arizona - Bruce Gradkowski QB Toledo

    143 Buffalo - Darrell Hunter CB Miami Ohio

    144 St. Louis - Brandon Johnson LB Louisville

    145 Cleveland - Todd Watkins WR BYU

    146 Baltimore - Manaia Brown DT BYU

    147 Philadelphia - Omar Gaither LB Tennessee

    148 Atlanta - LeKevin Smith DT Nebraska

    149 Minnesota - Rashad Butler OT Miami

    150 Dallas - Jahri Evans G Bloomsburg St

    151 San Diego - Zach Strief OT Northwestern

    152 Cleveland (from New England) - Kai Parham LB Virginia

    153 Washington - Michael Toudouze OT TCU

    154 Indianapolis (from Kansas City) - James Anderson LB Virginia Tech

    155 Carolina - Julian Jenkins DE Stanford

    156 Tampa Bay - Skyler Green WR LSU

    157 Cincinnati - Marvin Philip C California

    158 New York Giants - Taurean Henderson RB Texas Tech

    159 Chicago - Pat Ross C Boston College

    160 Jacksonville - Jonathan Orr WR Wisconsin

    161 Denver - Elvis Dumervil LB Louisville

    162 Indianapolis - Victor Adeyanju DE Indiana

    163 Seattle - Jeff Webb WR San Diego St

    164 Pittsburgh - Spencer Havner LB UCLA

    165 Green Bay - Drew Olson QB UCLA

    166 Baltimore - Devin Aromashodu WR Auburn

    167 Pittsburgh - Josh Lay CB Pittsburgh

    168 Philadelphia - Miles Austin WR Monmouth

    169 Tennessee - Jamar Williams LB Arizona St

    Sixth Round

    170 Houston - Marcus Hudson DB NC State

    171 New Orleans - Terra Nande LB Miami Ohio

    172 Tennessee - Anwar Phillips CB Penn St

    173 Washington (from NY Jets) - Sir Henry Anderson DT Oregon St

    174 New Orleans (from Green Bay) - Johnny Jolly DT Texas A&M

    175 San Francisco - Dwayne Slay S Texas Tech

    176 Green Bay (from Oakland) - Brett Bell CB Wisconsin

    177 Arizona - Mark Setterstrom G Minnesota

    178 Buffalo - James Wyche DE Syracuse

    179 Detroit - Will Montgomery C Virginia Tech

    180 Cleveland - Tony McDaniel DT Tennessee

    181 Baltimore - Nate Salley S Ohio St

    182 Dallas (from Philadelphia) - Kedric Golston DT Georgia

    183 St. Louis - Cooper Wallace TE Auburn

    184 Atlanta - Jason Hatcher DE Grambling

    185 Minnesota - Dale Robinson LB Arizona St

    186 Kansas City (from Dallas) - Lawrence Vickers FB Colorado

    187 San Diego - Freddie Keiaho LB San Diego St

    188 San Diego (from Miami) - Willie Hall OT MTSU

    189 Washington - TJ Rushing CB Stanford

    190 Kansas City - Brandon Marshall DB Central Florida

    191 New England - Steve Fifita DT Utah (Still sitting tight to get one of LaCasse, Gocong, or McClover)

    192 San Francisco (from Tampa Bay) - Jeremy Bloom WR Colorado

    193 Cincinnati - Stanley McClover DE Auburn

    194 Tampa Bay (from NY Giants) - Jovon Bouknight WR Wyoming

    195 Chicago - Jabari Levery OT South Carolina

    196 Washington (from Carolina) - Jeff King TE Virginia Tech

    197 Jacksonville - Quinn Sypniewski TE Colorado

    198 Denver - Marques Colston WR Hofstra

    199 Indianapolis - Jason Spitz G Louisville

    200 Seattle - Chris Gocong DE Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

    201 Pittsburgh - Trade Pittsburgh trades the #201 pick to New England for the Patriots' fifth rounder in 2007. The Patriots draft Ryan LaCasse DE Syracuse

    202 Tampa Bay - Dawan Landry S Georgia Tech

    203 Baltimore - Domato Peco DT Michigan St

    204 Philadelphia - Chijioke Onyengecha CB Oklahoma

    205 New England - Troy Bieneman TE Washington St

    206 New England - Anthony Schlegel LB Ohio St

    207 Indianapolis - Dion Byrum CB Ohio

    208 Baltimore - TJ Williams TE NC State

    Seventh Round

    209 Cincinnati (from Houston) - Wali Lundy RB Virginia

    210 New Orleans - Wendell Mathis RB Fresno St

    211 New York Jets - Reggie McNeal QB Texas A&M

    212 Miami (from Green Bay) - Charles Davis TE Purdue

    213 San Francisco - Freddie Roach LB Alabama

    214 Oakland - Reuben Houston DB Georgia Tech

    215 Tennessee - Travis Williams LB Auburn

    216 Buffalo - Justin Wyatt CB USC

    217 Detroit - Clint Ingram LB Oklahoma

    218 Arizona - William Kershaw LB Maryland

    219 Baltimore - Matt Bernstein FB Wisconsin

    220 Philadelphia - Mike Bell RB Arizona

    221 St. Louis - Tim McGarigle LB Northwestern

    222 Cleveland - Jeremy Mincey DE Florida

    223 Atlanta - Jon Huston K Ohio St

    224 Dallas - Calvin Lowry DB Penn St

    225 San Diego - Jeromey Clary OT Kansas St

    226 Miami - Ingle Martin QB Furman

    227 San Diego (from Minnesota) - Erik Meyer QB Eastern Washington

    228 Kansas City - Quinton Porter QB Boston College

    229 New England - So far our haul is Mangold, Addai, Hass, Anderson, Pittman, Dobbins, Baskett, Iwuh, Fifita, LaCasse, Bieneman, and Schlegel. At this point, we're looking at a specialist to make the team, or a gamble on an unknown, or a Practice Squadder. I'm not big on drafting kickers, I'd rather invite four undrafteds to camp. However, Belichick has drafted kickers before. There is one guy I have with a fifth round grade, however, so I'm adding Mark LeVoir OT Notre Dame to the haul to be our latest three-year project.

    230 Washington - Cedric Humes RB Virginia Tech

    231 Cincinnati - Delanie Walker WR Central Missouri

    232 New York Giants - Donovan Raiola C Wisconsin

    233 Miami (from Chicago) - Alvin Smith DT Oregon St

    234 Carolina - Darrell Hackney QB UAB

    235 Tampa Bay - PJ Daniels RB Georgia Tech

    236 San Francisco (from Jacksonville) - Oliver Hoyte LB North Carolina St.

    237 Carolina (from Denver) - Willie Reid WR Florida St

    238 Tennessee (from Indianapolis) - Eric Smith S Michigan St

    239 Seattle - Eric Henderson DE Georgia Tech

    240 Pittsburgh - Donald Penn G Utah

    241 Tampa Bay - Jon Scifres K Southwest Missouri St

    242 St. Louis - EJ Whitley OT Texas Tech

    243 St. Louis - Reed Doughty S Northern Colorado

    244 Tampa Bay - Will Derting LB Washington St

    245 Tennessee - Kevin Simon LB Tennessee

    246 Tennessee - Cory Rodgers WR TCU

    247 Detroit - Titus Adams DT Nebraska

    248 Buffalo - Charlie Peprah S Alabama

    249 Seattle - Marcus Green DT Ohio St

    250 Washington - David Kirtman FB USC

    251 Houston - David Anderson WR Colorado St

    252 New Orleans - Seppo Evwaraye OT Nebraska

    253 Green Bay - Quinton Ganther RB Utah

    254 San Francsico - Derrick Ross RB Tartleton St

    255 Oakland - Spencer Toone LB Utah
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  4. drew4008

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    Not a bad mock, but it's off right from the beginning, as NYJ won't make that trade. There's been no talk of it, and Mangini doesn't want to waste picks to move up, they'll go down if anything. Also, the Raiders trade up for Young is nearly preposterous. The Raiders won't even sit put and take Young. I'll bet you $100 over PayPal right now. Al Davis doesn't take QBs first round and would rather have Leinart or Cutler. Raiders take Huff.
  5. dryheat44

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    #75 Jersey

    Well, you certainly seem sure of yourself.

    I admit that the Jets moving up for Bush is a long shot, but what on Earth makes you think that it's Mangini's call?

    That call's going to be made not by the Head Coach, not by the General Manager, but by Ownership.

    You seem to be equating Mangini's pull in the Jets organization with Belichick's in the Patriots'.

    Jets want their own stadium, want to sell jerseys, and ultimately sell the team. Bush helps them do all of that.
  6. PATSNUTme

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    #75 Jersey

    Good Mock DH 44. I was looking for a Cheeleader trade but maybe next year.
  7. PonyExpress

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    I'm amazed you could think through every teams decision, since I can't even figure out the Pats. A true brain-teaser. I like every pick for the Pats except Addai, who just isn't an elite runner IMO. The Jet trade seems very un-mangini like... but then again, we don't really know much about Mangini yet. Way better mock than Scouts Inc. at ESPN, that's for sure...
  8. DaBruinz

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    #50 Jersey

    I don't care for Fifita or for LaVoir. I think that Mark Lentz or Dan Stevenson would be better options.

    Also, I would be amazed if the Pats drafted 13 players.

    I will be honest. I had to go look up Pittman again because I forgot about him. And I understand WHY I did. He's a liability against the run and likes to free lance. Not what the Pats look for in their players.

    Why draft Brian Iwuh? For a replacement at SS?

    Havner is a much better pick than Pittman or Dobbins in the 4th round.

    I also think its unlikely that the Pats wait until the 6th round to take a TE.

    The Pats end up taking 4 LBs, Not including Iwuh?
  9. ayjackson

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    i think it was a pretty good effort, and would be very happy with a haul like that....and i disagree, i can't see the patriots drafting a TE before the fifth round.
  10. patsfan55

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    #95 Jersey

    kinda funny that in your mock:
    cincy took pope (traded up for) and bullocks in first two rounds

    in interactive mock:
    I (as bengals gm) took pope and bullocks(traded up for) in first two rounds

    in your mock:
    cleveland took kai parham in fifth round

    in interactive mock:
    I (as browns gm) took parham in third round

    i guess great minds think alike ;)
  11. dryheat44

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    #75 Jersey

    Good discussion. I love the draft!
    Then we disagree. No problem there.

    You're probably right. I really don't expect to get more than a couple picks correct outside of the first round. It's tough to make the minor trades in the later rounds because I have no idea which teams are in love with which players. There seems to be enough quality depth throughout the draft, that usually when I thought about trading up, there was no need to. Obviously, guys that I think are roughly equal, the GMs won't agree.

    Well the BoR Scouting department is high on him. If he says he was the best CB at the senior bowl, that's good enough for me.

    Exactly. I see him as the same guy as Jon Alston, at a lower cost. Plus, I think he's going to be a Pro-Bowl caliber gunner on Teams. Fragile Guss Scott would probably be replaced.

    Your opinion is noted, and soundly disagreed with.

    Could be. I could see one as high as the fourth, and then take a linebacker or corner lower. It wouldn't stun me to see one in the first. When I went through the draft, at that time the value was elsewhere.

    Yep. We can use them. We're missing three off the roster from last year, and TBC, Claridge, Alexander, and Izzo aren't locks to make the roster. Now if we sign Donnie Edwards, and I expect we do, things will change.
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  12. rookBoston

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    Sep 13, 2004
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    #12 Jersey

    great job

    Having put together a few 3 round mocks, myself, reading up on each team needs and scouting prospects for fit, I dont think I could possibly put a 7 rounder together.

    This is a good one.

    Starting at the top, I was a little shocked that you took Mangold over Greenway, but nothing is impossible and Mangold is certainly a fit for our scheme and needs (assuming Koppen is gone next year). I respect someone picking against the trend which seems to be Lawson or Holmes recently.

    Addai is a good all around player, and one of the few RBs in the early part of the draft who I think the Pats would truly be interested in. By coincidence, Jennings, Howard and Colledge (your #51, 53 and 54) are all players I would consider ahead of Addai, but that's just dealer's choice.

    Hass at #75 is a great pick, but now I'm getting a bit distressed that the first three picks have all been on the offensive side, when I'm so desperate to get defensive help.

    Then you make me feel a bit better with Anderson, Pittman and Dobbins... now we're talking... although Dobbins has more the makings of a Matt Chatham, not a Ted Johnson, and Anderson will never be mistaken for Willie McGinest.

    Baskett... blah, but I see the value.

    Iwuh is very interesting. I like.

    Fifita fits the scheme, but can he make the team? Instead of trading up from 2007, I would have traded down from #191 to land LaCasse or Gocong... or just take him at #191. The value of the trade down, ten spots in the 6th, is hardly worth mentioning.

    Schlegel is a bargain in the 6th, but there's no roster space.

    Bienemann is a quality pick and will make the roster as the #3 TE.

    LeVoir... whatever.

    The only think missing: Where's the elite PR prospect with 4.3 speed?

    And you've picked too many players. Trying to fit them all on the roster:

    QB Brady, Cassell, UFA
    RB Dillon, Faulk, Pass, Addai
    WR Branch, Caldwell, Hass, Brown, Baskett, Johnson
    TE Graham, Watson, Bienemann
    OT Light, Kaczur, Gorin
    OG Mankins, Neal, Hochstein
    OC Koppen, Mankins

    NT Wilfork, Wright, Fifita
    DE Seymour, Warren, Green, Hill
    OLB Colvin, Vrabel, Anderson, Banta-Cain, LaCasse
    ILB Bruschi, Beisel, Claridge, Dobbins, Izzo
    CB Samuel, Gay, Hobbs, Pittman
    S Harrison, Wilson, Jones, Sanders, Iwuh

    P Miller
    K Gramattica(?) <-- need a rookie here
    LS Paxton

    cuts: Bam Childress, Don Davis, Eric Warfield, Chad Scott, Anthony Schlegel, Mark LeVoir, Dan Klecko, Artrell Hawkins, Mel Mitchell, Guss Scott

    I cant get all the rooks on the team. Cutting Childress is particularly painful for me, because I think he's a better prospect than Baskett. Pittman over Warfield is another difficult one for me. And cutting Hawkins is an absolute crime, after the fantastic job he did last year.

    I think BB will look to trade up more than you have in this mock, to get the next cut of elite talent. He's looking for speed and size, and he'll pay the premium; he has the extra picks to spare.
  13. rookBoston

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    Sep 13, 2004
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    #12 Jersey

    Dont underestimate our LB corp. It's not that we have inadequate depth. Izzo is stone cold lock. Claridge is a better prospect than Schlegel. TBC will make the team ahead of Lacasse. The problem is that we dont have elite talent at the top of the roster. Someone like Greenway or Howard would make a difference.
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  14. dryheat44

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    #75 Jersey

    Having too much talent is a never a problem. Having to cut a talented player is a great problem to have.

    We could easily cut Bethel, Wright, and Jones from your list.

    Assuming the Pats draft those 13 players, I'd see the roster like this:

    QB Brady, Cassel, Vet/Mortenson (probably a vet, but Cassel might have a great training camp and impress BB to the point where a vet wouldn't be necessary)

    RB Dillon, Faulk, Pass, Addai, Charles (and we bid Adieu to Heath Evans)

    WR Branch, Caldwell, Brown, Childress, Hass, Baskett (Bye Bye Bethel and NFLE guys)

    TE Graham, Watson, Bieneman

    OL Light, Neal, Koppen, Mankins, Kaczur, Hochstein, Mangold, Gorin, Britt (LeVoir and Steitz on PS, Bye Bye Mruczkowski and Roehl)

    DL Seymour, Wilfork, Warren, Green, Hill, Wright, Fifita

    OLB Vrabel, Colvin, TBC, LaCasse, Anderson

    ILB Bruschi, Beisel, Alexander, Dobbins, Schlegel, Claridge, Davis, Izzo

    CB Samuel, Hobbs, Gay, Pittman, Warfield (Bye Hank)

    S Harrison, Wilson, Sanders, Iwuh, Hawkins, Mitchell (Bye Tebucky, Guss)

    K Gramatica or other

    P Miller

    LS Paxton

    That's 59, figure 60 because we may need a PR. And even if everybody stays healthy, we can cut a few guys easily.

    People get hurt in training camp.
    Last edited: Apr 27, 2006
  15. dryheat44

    dryheat44 Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    Sep 14, 2004
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    #75 Jersey

    See, I call Colvin, Vrabel, and Bruschi elite.

    I guess you're talking about a few years into the future, which is a valid point. But there's other drafts and FA between now and then.

    I'm not sure I agree about your assessments of Izzo, Claridge, and TBC. I think ONE of Izzo and TBC are a lock, but not necessarily both. Izzo seemed to slip a bit last year, and Iwuh could replace him. We have a lot of cover guys on this team. Not counting G Scott, Tebucky, and Izzo, we have Mel Mitchell, Don Davis, TBC, Alexander, LaCasse, Iwuh, Pass, Addai, plus the usual starters that Belichick likes to use. Schlegel might already be better at reading the play than Claridge, and is stronger.

    I'll be fine if we draft Greenway in the first. He'll help our team. Again, I'll never complain that we shouldn't use all our draft choices because we'll have to cut some good players.
  16. drew4008

    drew4008 In the Starting Line-Up

    Sep 13, 2004
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    I like all three of the picks of Iwuh, Baskett, and M. Anderson except you've got them going too late. Mark Anderson has been rising up boards and we'd probably have to use our 2nd rounder on him. I like your evaluation of Iwuh, he looked solid at the Senior Bowl and I think can definitely turn into a good SS. I'd love Jon Alston as well like you pointed out, as a friend I know had an interview with him and he seems like a really good guy who is set on succeeding.
  17. nickw308810

    nickw308810 On the Game Day Roster

    Jan 7, 2006
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    Some good picks, but I would have to agree that your player rankings are a little off, some of those guys most likely will not be there. Obviously we can't accurately predict right now where they will go, but the odds are that they won't be there. I also would agree that there is too many picks. Not only do we have to try to fit 13 draft picks onto the roster, but we lost a next year's pick as well. It seems to be exactly the opposite of how the Pats do things in real life.
  18. Irish Hooligan

    Irish Hooligan Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    Mar 14, 2006
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    #11 Jersey

    Very good, I think it is complete and well thought out. I personally love Thomas Howard as a player and I couldn't imagine him being there at 52
  19. dryheat44

    dryheat44 Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    Sep 14, 2004
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    #75 Jersey

    Me neither. But some people necessarily have to slip. Honestly, probably not Howard. I think Gocong, Schlegel, and LaCasse will be gone before the sixth. I think Kudla and Bergeron will be drafted. When I was going through, it just didn't happen. If I was a student of all the GMs drafting philosophies, I'm sure I could do it more realistically.

    By the way, thanks for the comments everybody.
  20. Ochmed Jones

    Ochmed Jones Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    Dec 21, 2004
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    #12 Jersey

    Great effort! That's a lot of bodies for 2006. Did you think about trading some picks for 2007 picks?????
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