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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Sean Pa Patriot, May 13, 2008.

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  1. Sean Pa Patriot

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    Im talking about those long time fans, NO Cal Pats fan, others who seen Clive Rush, Jim Plunkett, the Jackson, Matt Millen vs Pat sullivan, drug scandel, Kiam , Orthwhine, Parcells leaving, the Jets, you name it.. And then all of that was erased on Feb 3rd 2002, when Robert Kraft Hoisted the lombardi.. I cryed, and other cryed, they could not believe it, it was the best feeling , till the next one, and the next one.. So many good memories, and now we are going to have people tarnish them over what a video tape, and guy that has had 15 min of fame... ??

    Im pissed that these media hacks, want to put a stink on this... I listen to total access, and hear Woodson, who thank god is a voice reason today.. Schefter who disapointed me today, saying there will be linked to the way Barry Bonds is to steroids. And others to numerous to mention and have been mentioned.. Players won the game, the most refereshing thing to hear today was our leader Tom Brady come out and trash FESPN.. I was becoming less of a fan of espn before, will now become even less of one today...

    Im proud of my team, my coach, and the players that have given me joy for the last 30 yrs ive been a fan.. Its a shame those ex dunderheads, love to hear themselves talk, if they had a brain they realise how stupid they sound..
  2. N.Eman

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    What upsets me as a fan is people who don't know crap of what's goin on yet talk sh*t about us and sound like an ESPN echo. I just laugh at them. GO PATS!!! 4 EVER!!!
  3. modman

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    I'm proud of the Pats organization as well. They have stood up with their heads held high in a very difficult situation. As far as ESPN and the rest of the media circus I think its important to put things in perspective. The ESPN reporters are not paid to tell the truth or to pursue it. They are getting paid for one thing and this is ratings. Low ratings means someone else gets their plush job. The fact remains that 95% of their audience are not Pats fans. That means that they have an audience that "wants" to hear how naughty the big bad Patriots have been. The correct response to this is not anger but pity. Pity that most of these other teams fans have to view a bunch of has-been football players to figure out that they still have their manhood instead of enjoying a winning football team. While other fans spend their time calling the Pats cheaters our team will continue to do what they always do which is to bash their pathetic teams skulls in on the football field. Frankly I hope they keep calling the Pats cheaters. The consequences of doing this last season was an 18-1 record. I think the Pats will only do better next season.
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