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The stars have aligned - Pats on local (Bay Area) TV!

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by chris_in_sunnyvale, Nov 22, 2006.

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    If you haven't lived outside of New England, you have no idea how tough it can be to see the Pats carried by the local affiliate. It gets doubly-worse when you live in a two-team market like I do. Here's the crap I have to put up with...

    1. If the Raiders play on the road at the same time as the Pats (CBS doing Pats game), then I automatically get the Raiders.

    2. If the Raiders play at home at the same time as the Pats, this season I get the Raiders because they're selling out (missed the national Pats/Cincy game this way). Even an NFC team is visiting Oakland and the game is on FOX, I get stuck with the Raiders because there can't be a competing game on CBS when the home team sells out.

    3. Even if the Raiders don't play at the same time as the Pats, there's a great chance I won't get a national Pats game because if the 49ers are playing at home in the other time slot, CBS cannot show a game (the 49ers always sell out).

    I'm getting tired of all the permutations that cause national Pats games to be denied so I'll stop at three. Anyway, THIS week everything works out:

    A. FOX has the doubleheader this week, not CBS.

    B. The 49ers are on the road for the early game, so they won't be taking up the late game timeslot on FOX.

    C. The Raiders are on the ROAD for the late game. Since they are on the road and not at home, FOX can show the 2nd half of the doubleheader.

    D. The Pats are on FOX. If they were on CBS, I'd get Oakland/SD.

    Happy Thanksgiving to me! No trek to the bar this Sunday to watch the Pats on a muted TV. I'm looking forward to catching the Pats in the comfort of my own home without the game being a Sunday/Monday nighter. It's the little things in life worth appreciating.


    P.S. I know, I know..."Get NFL Sunday Ticket, loser!". I'll probably break down and get it next year when kid #2 makes it impossible to disappear for 3+ hours every fall/winter Sunday.

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