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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Big Bucks, Mar 7, 2007.

  1. Big Bucks

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    I don't get the over exorbinate man love this fella is getting from all you guys, I stopped posting a couple years back on this site, older board, but thought I'd join up and ask, why all this love for Stallworth.

    Can all you Stallworth lovers out there please sell him to me, as I don't know where its coming from, I could understand it because he was a regular 1200yd guy but really are you all not going a tad overboard, maybe its me and its the same people over and over trying to brainwash the mases, and its not noticable because they all have patfan"insert #" as usernames.

    So please I need someone to tell me why?! Why do you like him sooooo much.
    Have I missed something here.

    BTW nice to be back :)
  2. dhamz

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    He simply brings a dimension the offense currently lacks. He has the type of speed and ability to make big plays down the field that we are missing from our WR corp. In 5 years he is averaging 15 yards per catch and has 71 catches over 20 yards, 11 of which were 40 plus.

    By contrast, Gaffney has 27 20+ with just 1 40+ yard catch, Caldwell has 21 and 6, and Welker has 15 and 2.

    That is Stallworth 71 20+, 11 40+. The other 3 WRs combined 63 and 9.
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  3. Fumblerooski

    Fumblerooski Practice Squad Player

    Nice post! That about sums it up.
  4. sebman2112

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    I don't really think it is that everyone likes him so much, but that we like him. I liked Stallworth last year when the Saints were shopping him around, and BB did as well, but the Eagles offered more. Stallworth has had some durability problems, but no worse than Branch. Actually Branch has missed one more game than Stallworth.

    I want Stallworth for these reasons:
    1: I think he fits NE's offense well
    2: He is a better route runner than people think (he is not just a speed receiver)
    3: unlike some other sub 4.3 (he has run 4.30, and 4.29 40 times) receivers (B. Johnson) Stallworth actually puts his speed to use, by catching the ball.
    4: Stallworth has a pretty good nose for the endzone with 28 TD's, which is something NE's receiving corp has been lacking.
    5: Stallworth is a fast learner, and has proven he can come right in and perform.
    6: Stallworth played two straight injury free seasons, so I think his durability problems are a bit overblown.
    7: In fewer starts than deion Branch Stallworth has more yards, and better yard per catch average, and ten more TD's.
  5. Big Bucks

    Big Bucks Practice Squad Player

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    OK, you have all talked about him in comparison to the other WR's that were on our team, yet you do not compare to others in the NFL, where does he rate amongst the top 20 or 30 WR's in the league.

    Now I can understand everyone being mental over Adalius Thomas because IMO he is a bluechipper LB, why should that same reaction be for Stallworth, you see I think he is an average receiver, one that will come in, like Caldwell and Gaffney to a certain extent and do his job well but not spectacular. I see him as along the lines of Morris, Brady and Welker, all good additions to a quality roster. Stallworth is an average WR, is he not just the #1 free agent WR in a borderline average group of guys.

    Is he a true #1 WR, or should I say CAN he be a true #1 WR.

    I have my doubts.
  6. Dagg

    Dagg Third String But Playing on Special Teams

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    To short IMO we really need a tall reciever around the end zone I would much rather see Moss. I mean whats welker 5'8"?
  7. sebman2112

    sebman2112 In the Starting Line-Up

    I'm not going crazy over him like he is Thomas, and I don't think he is a top ten WR, or anything. I just think he fits our offense well, and could be one of the best WR's Brady has had. I also think he would be able to put up over 1,000 yards with Brady throwing to him, and he has been close to 1,00 in the past, so I wouldn't put him in the same group as Caldwell. Again, he has 28 TD's in four years, so he has a better nose for the endzone than any of NE's current WR's. Basically I want the guy, but I wouldn't give up a 1st rounder for him (If he wasn't a UFA)
  8. sebman2112

    sebman2112 In the Starting Line-Up

    Tall receivers (6'4-6'5) don't fit into NE's system well. BB, and Pioli have tried to find a tall WR that fits and they hve failed about five times.
  9. Dagg

    Dagg Third String But Playing on Special Teams

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    Understood but we still need a tall one around the end zone IMO we got Reche Troy and Wes on the short end. Gaffney is of decent size and Brady obviously used him in that capacity around the goal line in the play offs. Moss is taller and a better leaper.
  10. MoLewisrocks

    MoLewisrocks Supporter Supporter

    Do we need a true #1 or do we just need another #2 with Stallworth-like characteristics that make him a borderline #1 on this roster and in this scheme?

    I think there are lots of players most of us would prefer to Stallworth - only he's available and they aren't. Do people here get too wound up about him? Absolutely, but I think that is just seeing a better roster with a player like him than without him heading to the draft where we have two first rounders which could then clearly be better spent on defense. Right now we are better equipped on offense than we were last season without Branch or Givens but with Caldwell and Gaffney having a year in the system under their belts and Welker projecting as a younger Troy Brown. But who knows if they'll all be healthy or if last year was not in fact their ceiling. And we don't yet know if Troy will be back, or if a player or two like Patton might free up closer to camp. And while they might further bolster the depth on the roster, they don't do what Stallworth does. We could certainly use a player who does.

    I don't want him at any price. I don't even want him for 6 years at $32M unless there are a lot of performance incentives in the deal and protection clauses in the event of a substance abuse suspension, so it is constructed as one of those 6 year deals that could morph into a 1 year deal with little dead cap if he doesn't pan out. Had he meant what he said about playing for us in a one year deal to prove his value, or had Rosenhaus been willing to let him follow through on that, then I would really want him. At this point I'm really ambivalent.
  11. PatsMyBoyz!

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    Reiss' Take On Stallworth:

    March 07, 2007
    Stallworth analysis

    The Patriots hosted receiver Donte' Stallworth at Gillette Stadium on Tuesday, and here is how we see the situation playing out:

    From the Patriots' perspective, Stallworth represents a low-risk, high-reward type of signing in the form of a one-year, incentive-filled deal. We don't see the Patriots going long-term with Stallworth based on his injury history, among other things.

    The question is whether Stallworth, who entered free agency thinking big bucks but has initially experienced a lukewarm market, wants to go that route.

    As of now, the market for Stallworth includes the Eagles, Patriots, Titans and Dolphins.

    From the Patriots' side, they have one asset that the other clubs don't have -- quarterback Tom Brady. That is something the team can sell Stallworth, that catching passes from Brady can help revive his market value (in 2008) more so than catching passes from Donovan McNabb (Eagles), Vince Young (Titans) or Daunte Culpepper (Dolphins).

    So if Stallworth is willing to take a short-term, one-year type of deal, the Patriots are in a solid spot. But if he's looking for more of a long-term commitment, he'll probably wind up elsewhere.

    One other factor to consider is the Tennessee angle, as Stallworth played his college ball at Tennessee. The Titans lost Drew Bennett in free agency and they might counter that departure with a Stallworth acquisition that would create somewhat of a buzz in Tennessee.
  12. spacecrime

    spacecrime Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal

    You can have all the doubts you want. If your opinion is that Stallworth is not a good addition, that's fine.

    Most of us do not see him as an average receiver. In the pre-march 1 FA lists, he was the top WR available, in the top ten FAs available overall.

    It sounds like you also believe he is the top WR available, but you prefer to go after a lesser WR.

    However, I think if you compare him to the rest of the NFL, compare the stats of all WRs, you will find him pretty high up there.
  13. Big Bucks

    Big Bucks Practice Squad Player

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    Thats the thing isn't it, 6 years @ $32m....IMO he has yet to show me why he is worth those figures, hell Phillidelphia obviously as of yet don't and they arguably have a bigger probelm at WR.
    Although others and I'm not suggesting those in this thread are, more the one line brigade cream themselves over this WR, I think I'll sit back and judge him later if he signs.
  14. bb07

    bb07 Practice Squad Player

    If we give him that much money, why didn't us pay Branch last year.
  15. Sean Pa Patriot

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    The more I think about it , the 6 yr 32 mill thing was floated around by his agent... I bet we did not offer him those numbers, its more of the idea's to float around to Miami or Tenn...
  16. Big Bucks

    Big Bucks Practice Squad Player

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    Maybe I should requote myself
    I see him as along the lines of Morris, Brady and Welker, all good additions to a quality roster

    Then as I suggest people are way overating this group of FA WR's.

    I didn't say anything about going for a lesser WR, I'm fine with Stallworth, but not enamoured as many seem to be on here.

    That is the point, I do not think he is, I think he will be low 20's at best

    On further research looking at the NFL stats for last year, he didn't make the...

    top 30 for yds

    or top 30 for receptions

    or top 30 TD's
  17. bb07

    bb07 Practice Squad Player

    It's probably what they want instead of what we offer. Otherwise he would have signed yesterday.
  18. Big Bucks

    Big Bucks Practice Squad Player

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    This worries me tons, not one mention of the fact that Stallworth spent the whole of last year with the Eagles, knows the play book, knows the other players, seemed to have a decent rapport with McNabb who will be back(would not have let Garcia go IMO)

    Name me the Titans WR's........anybody!

    Dolphins will want payback for Welker, IMO they will up the bid just because and are our Div rival

    I'd say the things I point out are very big issues that need to be overcome for him to come to foxboro. I can see these teams not going the 1 year deal.
  19. zippo59

    zippo59 Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    I'm willing to bet that if Stallworth came here he would be better than Branch.
  20. naclone

    naclone Practice Squad Player

    because branch wasn't a free agent last year.

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