The Sincerest Form of Flattery ... Herm and BB

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    Sure, ManGenius is mimicking the master in NY.
    But did you think that the guy who LEFT the Jets
    would mimic BB as well?

    By Nick Athan
    Warpaint Illustrated Publisher
    Posted Mar 20, 2007

    Rebuilding an NFL team from one roster spot to the next isn’t easy for any head coach. In Kansas City, Herm Edwards has the daunting task of molding a group of players into a team that can compete year in and year out for an AFC West crown.

    Though some people might not truly understand all the comings and goings at Arrowhead, I can clearly see what Edwards is trying to do and whom he is trying to emulate.
    The NFL is a copycat league, to say the least. But copying other teams and coaches doesn’t always work.

    .... it is “his” football team. After a year on the job observing, studying and evaluating all the talent, this team is starting to take shape.

    Edwards is very closely following the same format New England Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick brought to the Patriots when he left the New York Jets in 2000.

    After spending quite a bit of time with Edwards over this past year, I truly believe there is no other goal more important to him than winning a Super Bowl in Kansas City.

    As I listened to him at his Tuesday press conference, he said little of substance - because let’s face it, he’s not going to tip his hand to the media. Like his players, he’s going to make us work for it.

    .... rebuilding an old roster with a lack of depth takes time. That was Edwards first task in taking the job a year ago.

    The plan this offseason was to bring up young players to replace the old ones while adding some middle-aged players who still have some game left. Edwards couldn’t do that a year ago. He was able to add young talent through the NFL Draft, but he inherited personnel mistakes from the old coaching regime.
    When free agency began, Edwards implemented the next step in his plan by signing four guys in the first week that all have two things in common – NFL experience and playmaking abilities.

    That was the formula that built the Patriots into a three-time Super Bowl champion. They rid the roster of some of the malcontents from the Pete Carroll era, started drafting Pro-Bowl caliber players on both sides of the ball and filled in the gaps with middling players - players that were really never given a chance to excel in a system that was designed to bring out the best of their abilities.

    When they arrived in New England they were all treated identically and every player had an equal opportunity.

    Edwards talked a lot about opportunity on Tuesday especially in regards to young quarterback Brodie Croyle. He needs to see what Croyle can do. The decision to play younger players was the building block that made Belichick so successful in New England. Imagine where the Patriots would be if they had ignored Tom Brady and given Drew Bledsoe another chance.
    The Chiefs are rebuilding, but they are doing it in a way that allows them to compete at the same time. They are wise to follow New England’s plan.

    But at least they have a plan, and it’s a proven winner.

    edited excerpts:

    ps - wRONg, if you're still lurking here ...
    see, it isn't THAT hard to credit the fella who wrote the piece
    ... right?
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    Emeril and I can both scramble an egg. That's about where any comparison of his and my capacity to be internationally acclaimed gourmet cooks ends.

    If the key to BB's success in NE was as simple as playing some youngsters and bringing in some veterans, there would be a lot more coaches with rings in this league. Bill is a bonafide innovative X's and O's genius. Herm has always believed X's and O's represent hugs and kisses motivational tools.

    "As I listened to him at his Tuesday press conference, he said little of substance - because let’s face it..." :eek:

    Herm has no substance... :rofl:
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    Agreed. Herm's a fraud just waiting to be exposed.

    He's a big speech maker, but he was failing miserably in New York and got out just in time. If he was still there, they wouldn't be doing nearly as well as they are now.

    I think He's making some decent moves in KC so far, and obviously will upgrade the defense. It's hard not to in aplace that hasn't been that good at D for awhile.

    But in the end, he's of limited intelligence, hell he can't even manage the clock, and he'll wind up stringing season after season of dissappoinment together until one day, someone will look up and say - hey, what has this guy ever really accomplished? and off he'll go to fling his BS in some other arena where weak minded people will swallow it. It just won't be as a head coach in the nfl anymore.
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    The way he kissed off his team for Dungy? F2P's excerpts are so entertaining, this author is drooling over Herm rebuilding a regular playoff team under Vermeil into a Super Bowl winner, obviously a Fantasy Football regular.
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    No Jersey Selected

    It is impossible for me to agree with the preceding 3 posts any more than I already do.

    I'll forever despise Hermie for the manner in which he wasted a terrific performance by his defense vs. the dolts, the most unworthy SB champion in history.

    The writer of this puff-piece, Nick Athan, is an ignorant, ball-washing tool.

    And a pleasant Good Morning to all.
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    #75 Jersey

    Herm by any other name wis still Herm.

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