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Where will the Pats pick with the 9ers pick?

  1. 1-8 (2-5 wins)

  2. 9-16 (5-8 wins)

  3. 17-24 (8-10 wins)

  4. 25-32 (10-14) wins

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    #12 Jersey

    Where will the SF pick lie in the draft next year?

    Remember although the NFC West is a weak division all the other teams in that division are stronger too.

    Seahawks will be better just by Hasselbeck and Alexander being healthy and Branch having a full year in that system.

    Cardinals have a better coaching staff and Leinart has a full year with those recievers.

    Rams added Carriker and Leonard so that's a good draft already.

    The out of division schedule for the 9ers isn't an easy one.

    Sep 23 @Pittsburgh 1:00pm
    Oct 7 Baltimore 4:15pm
    Oct 21 @N.Y. Giants 1:00pm
    Oct 28 New Orleans 4:15pm
    Nov 4 @Atlanta 1:00pm
    Dec 2 @Carolina 1:00pm
    Dec 9 Minnesota 4:05pm
    Dec 15 Cincinnati 8:15pm
    Dec 23 Tampa Bay 8:15pm
    Dec 30 @Cleveland 1:00pm

    Also remember they stepped forward last year to finish with that record it's tough for teams to step forward two years in a row.
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