The Second Preseason Has Begun

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by mgteich, May 5, 2009.

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  1. mgteich

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    We have completed the first preseason and the draft (and UDFA signings).

    Now, Belichick is continuing to make moves to improve the team, and to bring in camp competition (and camp fodder).

    Belichick addresses weaknesses with overkill. We are all aware of the clean sweep at corner over the last two years.

    Since the draft Belichick has added a TE and a S. Belichick has now brought in two TE's (Smith and Listorti) and re-signed DeVree. Belichick has re-signed Tank Williams, re-signed Sanders, drafted Chung and now signed McGowan.

    We must have a dozen offensive linemen competing for the backup spots.

    A) fullback or running back (there is no camp competition or injury insurance)
    B) #3 QB (we do already have camp competition)
    C) LB (we've already cut Robertson, cut Ruud, and traded Vrabel; there's certainly room for more competition and perhaps a top OLB that is available)
    D) And perhaps there is a player or two on the roster that he wants to cut or trade. There are many potential candidates. Thomas, Watson and Green come to mind.


    Dec 4, 2006
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    Its a no brainer that an OLB will be signed - Either a big name or a JAG but we shall see at least 2 more coming to camp,Hopefully one will be Jason Taylor transferred to the position.
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  3. Box_O_Rocks

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    A. Listorti was the #13 FB for NFL Draft Scout in 2008. Each of the six Tight Ends has been used by NE or their previous team as an H-back.

    B. Hoyer will be playing for a Practice Squad bid.

    C. [​IMG]

    D. :confused2:
  4. mayoclinic

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    Quality depth seems to be the guiding principle here. BB has been systematically building quality depth throughout the offseason.

    Don't forget about Chris Baker at TE as well. We currently have 6 TEs - Watson, Thomas, DeVrees from last year, plus Baker, Smith and Listorti. Despite the loss of Heath Evans the RB position has terrific depth as well with Maroney, Taylor, Morris, Faulk and Law Firm.

    The secondary is the deepest that it's ever been - not as strong as 2003 with Rodney in his prime, Wilson, Law and Poole as the starting CB and S, but deeper. Bodden, Springs, Butler, Wheatley and Wilhite is a very solid and deep 5 at CB. Meriweather, Sanders, Chung, Williams and McGowan is equally deepn at S. I think 9 DBs is more likely than 10, but with all the depth it's possible that BB might carry 10. And that's not counting Richardson and Ventrone.

    Depth has been added at WR, OL and DL as well. Joey Galloway and Greg Lewis add terrific depth at WR. 3 OLs and 3 DLs in the draft add depth as well, with Sebastian Vollmer and Ron Brace in particular adding quality depth. I see BB using Brace as a "poor man's Ngata" - backing up Wilfork at NT and keeping him fresh, but also using him in some 4-3 fronts and as a big 3-4 DE at times.

    All in all, more depth and more flexibility than we've ever had, at every position across the roster. Except for LB. We've traded Vrabel, cut Robertson and Rudd, and added TBC and McKenzie so far. ILB is arguable deeper with McKenzie (barring injury issues) and with Mayo and Guyton more experienced, but OLB is thinner.

    Given how BB has systematically approaching adding depth across the roster, I can't imagine that he is planning to not address the LB position as well. Obviously improvement by Woods, Crable and Redd would go a long way in this regard, but I can't see BB not adding depth and flexibility as well at such a key position.
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