The second free agency period to begin

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Rob0729, Apr 26, 2010.

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  1. Rob0729

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    Unlike other recent years, I firmly believe that there will be a strong (a relative term) second free agency. Jonathan Kraft earlier this preseason said as much. This past weekend supports that with all the player trades and releases (two more players today in John Henderson and Clint Ingram. There were rumors that many more players are/were on the trading block and could be released (Osi Umenyora, Bryan Thomas, Shaun Ellis, Marcus Spears, Bobby Carpenter, Justin Smiley, etc.).

    Now that teams have fulfilled needs in the draft, they will look to free themselves of older veterans who are making more money than their worth. That means that this round of free agency might actually be more fruitful than the first round. No it won't have marquee names like Julius Peppers or Karlos Dansby, but there might be some really good value deals out there.
  2. robertweathers

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    Couldn't agree more, Rob. Would love to know where the Pats are as it relates to 2010 cash allocation to comitted salary vs budget (assumption is that regardless of the absense of a cap, the Pats will still act fiscally responsible) minus rookie salary commitments.

    IMO, I still see adding a physical swing tackle to the line as a moderate need. Perhaps another pass rusher if Bugress doesn't come back.
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  3. upstater1

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    Many of these guys won't be signing for big bonuses.

    Which means, you can sign them up and be fiscally responsible at the same time, because they will be easy to cut.
  4. John Henderson would be ideal as a 3-4 DE wouldn't he? He'd be immovable.

    I wonder how much he'd cost?

    Damione Lewis is too short to be a DE, Gerard Warren I don't know about but why was he cut by Oakland if he's any good? Don't they run a 3-4? Couldn't they use him? He wasn't making huge money, was he?
  5. makoute

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    He's not that good of a player (Warren). That's why he hasn't caught on with any of the teams he's played for.
  6. KontradictioN

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    I think he's just training camp fodder, myself. Based on what little I saw of him last season, I don't really have a good opinion on the guy. I can see him being cut before the season.

    As for free agents, for DE I would like to see either Henderson or Ellis (Big John preferably). Another ex-Jet, Bryan Thomas, could also be a good pick-up.

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    Henderson is already there... let's scoop this man up. He'll be Ted Washington at the DE position until we draft the next Seymour next year with the #4 overall pick (hopefully that's OAK's not ours!)
  8. !CrimsonTide!

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    I agree Big John lined up at DE would be great swatting balls down thrown his way and stopping the run with his big body. Some Free Agents I would take a look at. . .

    RB Kevin Jones
    -Injury proned but with a aging Runningback corp. and a struggling Maroney he could be a bit of a change of pace back and he brings in a bit of youth.
    DE Greg Ellis
    -Old but could be a 1 year rental till next year and has experience in the 3-4
    OLB Chike Okeafor
    -Again old but could start at OLB teach the young guys like Cunningham the position and retire next year.
    CB Dre Bly'
    -Old but could be veteran presence the corner position needs.
    OLB Bryan Thomas
    -Not much of a rusher but is still solid
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