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The Ryan Budget

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by Stokes, Apr 7, 2011.

  1. Stokes

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    Sep 1, 2006
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    Thought I'd hop back in this mess and start a thread about the 2012 budget proposed by Paul Ryan. I'd love to hear thoughts on it, things you like/hate, and why.

    For my part I like that it addresses the coming problem of our entitlement spending, and cuts the corporate tax rate. I also like the idea of medicaid as block grants to the states to do what they see fit. I hope the dems and Obama admin can see this as a starting point for negotiation, from what I've read lately it seems that they might be content to use it as politics as usual to push reelection. Oh wait, I just sounded like the Republican Patters there for a minute, apologies all around, and interest in hearing what all the rest of you degenerate PatsFans PoFoers think.
  2. DarrylS

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    Sep 13, 2004
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  3. Harry Boy

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    Nov 10, 2005
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    Get rid of Obama, Pelosi, Reid if you prefer democrats find some that care about the country and the middle class working man, find some that will stop the illegal invasion taking place on our border by criminal illegal aliens, find some that care about our economy and producing our own OIL, find some that will end all three wars immediately, find some that will keep their noses out of that wretched savage filthy f-cking murdering bloodthirsty Middle East, let China or Russia be their policemen or just let the animals slaughter each other, find some democrats who care more about AMERICA than they do about trying to force their social do-gooding bullsh!t down our throats, we are very capable of deciding ourselves who or who not we bring home to dinner.

    I would reccomend that good all american democrats now step forward.

    God Save America
    God Bless God

    Do-Gooders if you are looking for a cause to make yourselves credible again I suggest you put together a "fact finding group" then go over to the Middle East and see if you can do anything about The Treatment And Human Rights Of Women.


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