The "Real" Roster Issue - Injuries

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  1. mgteich

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    There are not many disagreements on the final roster, if (and that is a big if) we know what is going on with regard to injuries.

    Any clarifications of the injury situations below could affect the roster. For example, if Moss and Gaffney are both out for awhile, we will need more WR's even if they make the 53.

    Seem to be OK and headed to the 53
    Yates, Hochstein

    Seem to be ready for the real PUP list
    Eddie Jackson
    Troy Brown
    Chad Jackson

    ?????? but presumably on the 53
    Kyle Brady

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  2. Isaac

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    A corollary to this point is that BB likes to keep #52/#53 on his roster as flexible/rotation spots. He doesn't want to lock these spots up, say by keeping a player to prevent him from leaving that won't otherwise contribute much. It's better to look at the Patriots roster as a 51/52-man squad with a temporary position or two for injury replacements.

    The TE Lewis fits this role, so may Bug Eyes depending on WR health (except they'd have to guarantee his salary).
  3. mgteich

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    It is not unusual to start the season with 52 players to avoid guaranteeing the salary of a veteran. Also it makes it easier to pick up a player from another team.

    So, youa re correct, consider the roster a 51 or 52 man roster.

  4. cstjohn17

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    What is interesting from a depth perspective is that the list includes:
    Seymour - Pro bowl player
    Moss - Past pro bowler, #1 WR on the team
    Thomas - round 3 draft pick

    Banged up
    Warren - is also banged up
    Wilson - starting FS is banged up
    K. Brady - starting TE

    Despite all of this the team is still very very strong. Not many teams could go into week 1 without their top DE, top WR and potentially be without 2-3 other starting caliber players and be expected to win.
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  5. Mack Herron

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    With roster spots being so tight I expect that guys who have not played yet (e.g., Seymour, Thomas) could remain on PUP for eventual return in Oct. Not sure why you are optimistic on Hochstien as he has not played for weeks. At least Thomas was sighted on teh field Fri. Problem is that recent injury like Geno or Brady could keep them off the field for a while, but they still would take up a roster spot while being unable to play. That means they would have to keep other players to actually play the positions for a bit. I'm not sure they have the luxury to let currently inactive players have the luxury of playing into game shape while on the roster. What are the practice rules while on PUP?
  6. Pats726

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    Funny u started this thread as I was going to start a thread about I really believe that rosters; management of them really are shaped by injuries, not only to the player but the position..
    the positions that seem to have injuries affecting them a lot are OL, DL, WR, DB .more so than the others.
    DL esp may be affected as there are 3 with injuries, seymour, Warren and Wright. Worst case would be to keep 8 or 7 with Seymour PUP. But they may need more here to start off the season.
    WR as well with Moss and Gaffney injured..might they start with 6??
    DBs as well..Samuel may influence how many CBs they keep at the start...but he might be ready quicker than expected.(good news..)
    OL..the only injury is Hochstein..with 9 I think all will be OK.
  7. sieglo

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    Since when is Wilson banged up?
  8. cstjohn17

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    I had trouble finding any information on this as well. Very strange that BB did not address it directly.

    Oh wait, I used the internets and found 1 or 2 articles:

    Quick hit: Health will be a big factor here (which could affect the cornerback spot), as Eugene Wilson might have sustained a setback of sorts while defending the 48-yard touchdown pass to Keary Colbert Friday night. Wilson stayed on the field for the ensuing extra point but walked off gingerly and did not play again. This scenario assumes he will be healthy. If he isn't, that could mean James sticks at cornerback, with Meriweather getting more of a look at safety.
  9. primetime

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    I'm beginning to worry about Seymour and Moss. Wilson will be fine, I'm sure, but those guys have been out of practice for a long time, and no one even knows what's wrong with Seymour.
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