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    This Sunday will bring a nor-easter to Foxboro when we play the our beloved Jets*, err, rats. I'd like to apologize now if the patriots only score 60 points due to the weather. As a consolation though, they have promised to make "Snow Rats" instead of angels this year. As I mentioned before in another thread "Dirty Sanchez" will be present with the magic snowplow should the need arise instead of going for the 2 point convertion on every drive.
    Look for the Patriots to use the full cheese wiz spread formation throughout the game as well as fondue cheese dip passing routes from Welker and Moss. Of course strong trap plays will also be used to scurrie up field. One more thing. The usual Ozzy Osborne opening theme song has been changed to either The Godfather or Ratz by the Drop Kick Murphys.:singing:
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