The Painful Truth.. article in the ProJob about players pain

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    Joe McDonald writes an interesting article about how players play through pain, always knew this, but it becomes more personalized when names are attached.. also interesting, for those who think that the training staff are responsible for all the injuries, major props for Mike Woicjik and staff..

    According to a former NFL trainer, some players take Vicodin before games in anticipation of pain, and some also use it just to calm down. Other players use drugs similar to Ritalin, which is prescribed for people with attention deficit disorder, , because they think it helps them concentrate. . Players are continuously being hooked up to IVs in order to get the fluids and medications they need....

    Former NFL linebacker Bryan Cox played for the Dolphins, Bears, Jets, Patriots and Saints during a 12-year career. Prior to his signing a one-year deal with New England in 2001, the Patriots did not allow Vicodin in the locker room...

    “Our training staff does an excellent job,” said linebacker Rosevelt Colvin. “They probably work the most hours of anybody besides the coaching staff. Their knowledge of injuries and rehab is definitely an asset and a plus for us as a team.”

    Coach Bill Belichick, who never discusses injuries, praised his training staff prior to the start of the playoffs. “They do go unnoticed,” said linebacker Mike Vrabel. “We have a group in here that takes a lot of pride in helping players out. There are a lot of players in this locker room and there are a lot of different needs. They do a good job trying to facilitate everybody. Everything’s not going to be perfect; you’re not going to get everybody back in two days. They bust their [butts] like everyone else. On the flight they’ll be working the aisles like flight attendants, making sure that everybody’s got what they need — meds and treatments.”
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    The way I read this:

    "The NFL’s drug policy calls for up to 10 tests a month after one positive result. A second violation results in a fine equal to the player’s salary for four games and a third in a four-game suspension and a year’s suspension for a fourth violation. "

    Which makes me think that Merriman had previous offenses. Can anyone confirm? One more and he's gone for a year.
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    Yes, Merriman had a previous offense. The first one does not go public. That's why we didn't hear about it.
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    I had no idea how commonplace the prophylactic use of Vicodin was,or any of the others such as Ritalin,etc. That article was an eye-opener. :cool:
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    A heartbreaking article - bump.
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    re-bump. Pats fans need to read this.

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