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The ONLY way to beat the Patriots (doomsayers, start here)

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by chunkypony, Sep 18, 2006.

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    This is an idea that I've been racking around in my brain for a couple of days, and todays game just solidified it more:

    The following is the only way to beat the New England Patriots:

    Win the Turnover battle and (more importantly) maximize the number of broken plays.

    If you do these two things, you will beat the New England Patriots. They are too well prepared for everything else.

    Todays game was close because of broken plays (the Coles catch and run and the Cotchery debacle) in my opinion. It seemed even closer because the Jets got turnovers at the exact right time during the game. Think about it; had the Brady INt happened when we were up 24-0, it would not have been such a concern. Now I know, we should have run the ball instead of throwing the bomb on that play, but that isnt Brady's fault (so stop this "Brady doesnt like the FO anymore" crap, Toms a winner). He's allowed to have an off game. Many will say that he has had two, but that isnt true; the offense this season is much different: with the focus on the running backs, and the new WRs, I am surprised we won this game against the Jets, i thought the offense would need more time than this (which they do, i just didnt expect that we could adjust while winning games). Denver will be a test, but if the playcalling calms down a bit, the offense gets in a groove, and the defense sticks to what it has learned (not overpursuing, basic tackling, etc.), i think we will be ok.

    Too many broken plays going for big gains, because BB prepares the Defense for any play you can SCRIPT. The UNSCRIPTED plays are the ones that kill us. Get to the QB quicker, and the Unscripted plays will not occur so often.

    Let the flaming begin, doomsayers.

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