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The Only Jersey Numbers You Need Tonight

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by psychoPat, Aug 30, 2007.

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    Here are the only unfamiliar jersey numbers you need tonite (sequentially):

    15 Washington
    24 Mitchell
    28 James
    32 Baker
    38 Wesley
    45 Mills
    49 Lua
    60 Elgin
    63 Moore
    82 Rivers
    87 Caldwell

    Why only them?
    It's all about the bubble, of course.
    Almost all of us would agree on 48 players who are sure to make the 53.
    2 QBs ... 4 RBs ... 4 WRs ... 2 TEs ... 9 OLs ... 3 Kick specialists ... 7 DLs (including Kareem) ... 9 LBs (incl. Rogers) ... and 8 DBs.

    We can also largely agree on who has no chance of making the 53 ...
    of whom a bunch may come back to the practice squad.

    In between are 11 players vying for either 3 or 4 or 5 roster spots, depending.
    Depending on what?
    Depending on two things. Does Vinny stay now ... or stay fit, to return later?
    And, will Dave Thomas get Reserve PUPped or not?

    Two different and unrelated considerations (with 4 possible outcomes).
    The Vinny question surely was decided long ago, with his complete concurrence. I merely don't know the answer yet.
    The Thomas question may have been decided already ... but mebbe not.

    That is why there are either 3 ... or 4 ... or 5 jobs still available.
    The eleven numbered above, i think, are almost certain to fill however many slots are open.

    My estimate as to their priority ranking is as follows:

    Your estimate may vary ... so flavor the following to taste.

    With anywhere from 3 to 5 spots open, that would make Caldwell, Washington, and Mitchell sure winners.

    If only one of Vinny or Dave is on the roster Sunday, then either Mills or Rivers also is on it.
    I think the odds greatly favor Mills. Rivers is a JAG, who failed a couple other places.
    Mills looked good last season when healthy ... and then disappeared onto IR.
    Others have described in these threads the extraordinary circumstances of the Patriots drafting him.
    It seems inconceivable that they would throw in the towel merely because of a lackluster preseason.
    Belioli LIKE that kid !
    Finally, if they go with Garrett and he bombs ... they can release him whenever they wish
    ... and replace him with a Rogers/BrianJones clone. They are everywhere.
    Mills, however, was believed to be unique before he got hurt.

    Oscar easily clears waivers, to return to the p/s.
    Rashad Moore then may don green - at least for a short while.
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