The Official: This country is over, trash thread.

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by Real World, May 30, 2008.

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    What a sh!thole this country is becoming. This reminds me of the attitude of that 9 year old kid who stole his moms, or grandma's car, and caused all kinds of destruction. He didn't give a poop. When check out these trailer trash ho's, stealing money from a 9 year old girl who was selling girl scout cookies. TRASH!!!

    Instead of posting thread after thread about all the losers in this country, I'm going to stick to posting them here. Please feel free to add all your examples too.
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    MTV kids:
    If those little bastards were my daughters I'd go down into my cellar and hang myself.

    F-cking little pigs, they are the products of todays "suck and f-ck" society, they're giving blow jobs out on the school bus, they're beating the sh!t out of each other on the school bus, they're beating the sh!t out of the school bus drivers, they beat their teachers up then they go home and listen to The Rap Crap mother f-ckers yell their silly sh!t about killing cops, it has gotten to the point now that the iggnorant SAVAGE gang bangers are taking control of the State Of California and all this loony bastard liberal government wants to do is "counsel" them and wipe their a$s, we need a "MUSLIM TAKEOVER" in this country, PRAISE ALLAH.

    Turn The Tough Young Cops Loose And Let Them Do Their Job You F-cking Blubbering Liberal Bastards.

    Bring back corporal punishment.
    F-ck You.

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