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The News Cycle

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by wistahpatsfan, Mar 8, 2006.

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    Online headliines today from the Boston Globe:
    Local: Infant born after crash dies
    National: Boy climbs into transformer gets electrocuted
    World: UN court reduces sentence for convicted Bosnian.

    These are the top stories according to the Globe, today. Why do we have to hear about a poor kid in Ohio who gets burned from touching a transformer? What does that have to do with us? What the hell happenned to Cheney shooting his friend, the Dhubai deal, the occupation of Iraq, etc, etc....?

    The news cycle has become so compressed in our ADD society that nothing remains in the spotlight long enough for any politician to take any heat for anything. The longest any story lasts is a week, and that's when the spin machine goes into gear, like Cheney's people saying "I think the press should be covering something more important. The people are tired of hearing about it."

    But if you're a blond chick who disappears in Bermuda, you're on the news for months. The politicians can now rely on protection from the 3-day news cycle and get away with whatever they want. Put the ports deal on hold for a 45 day review. 45 days? Is anyone gonna give a shyte about that in 45 days? Hell, even the enemy tribes of the Saudis know how to beat us with our ADD.
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    The Herald may be pertinent, but not much better:

    Bald Ambition a story about Tyra Banks
    The night I was set on fire, about the homeless guy in Boston
    Bouncer eyed in Serial Rapes, about the guy suspected of killing boston girl

    I agree completely, if a story does not hold our attention for more than 10 seconds it is not worth putting on the front page. Anything with depth is buried inside somewhere.

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