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    So far so good. No screaming or stchick. Curren is on a phone line from Jacksonville. Parillo and Nellie and the new host who is basically staying our of their way.

    Only really interesting note so far is Curren's feeling that Branch will be back sooner rather than later. Said he hasn't talked to any of the principals, but he is obviously talking to someone with knowledge of the situation. My guess would be other players. Says Deion is really struggling with this and there is a belief that Chayut is the main impediment to some resolution at this point. Says there was never any bad blood with Deion or Chayut before that failure to counter/take the tag off the table business which came as a real shock and slap to the FO (said Pioli is handling these negotiation).

    He does feel that the offers Deion got from the JETS and Seattle came as a shock to the FO. (I don't agree since those offers are basically our offer if it started in 2006 rather the 2007 - and that is the same approach any team takes in signing it's own players to extensions.)

    He commented that he is amazed now in dealing with more other national and local guys in his NBC gig how they are under the impression that the loss of Deion is debilitating. He tells them he doesn't believe that is the case, this team has a history of moving on. Most of the teams these other guys cover simply cave in to holdouts on the basis on the "we need him" philosophy. So for those who cover those teams this stance is foreign to say the least.
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    I already miss Curran at Projo. I know it's stupid but I also miss his inane questions column where he asked players and coaches random questions. They were always enlightening and kinda funny.
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