The New England Patriots and their wide receivers since Morgan.

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    "Grogan to Morgan, touchdown". I remember hearing that not only on TV, when they we're actually not blacked out, but in my backyard time and time again. Since then ther has been only one wideout that I can say invokes that type of memory and that's Troy Brown. He's been a class act and a great New England Patriot, I personally think after he retires he should be in the Pats HOF no questions asked and receive consideration for # retirement since he'll be the all-time leader in receptions by week 3 IMO.

    Take Troy out though and the Patriots reciever list looks like a who's who of screw ups, both on and off the field, and now with Glenn and Branch, malcontents (if Deion was on another team we'd all be saying "he's not a Patriot player no way BB brings him here). Starting in 1984, around the back nine for Stanley, the Pats drafted with the #1 pick in the entire draft Irving Fryar. Now Fryar did make 5 Pro Bowls but who can forget the hitting the tree after leaving a game at halftime or bigger yet getting knifed by his wife during the SB run in 1986. After SBXX Fryar was also involved in the infamous Drug Scandal.

    In 1985 the Pats made WR news by a guy they didn't draft, making this trade:
    Patriots obtain 1985 first, second, and third round selections from San Francisco and draft Trevor Matich (C, BYU, 28th pick overall), Ben Thomas (DE, Auburn, 56th pick), and Audrey McMillian (DB, Houston, 84th) in exchange for New England’s 1985 1st and third round selections, where the 49ers drafted Jerry Rice (WR, Mississippi Valley St., 16th pick) and Ricky Moore (RB, Alabama, 75th pick).
    A guy name Rice sure would have looked good in Red, White, and Blue.

    In 1986 the Pats also do another trade, this time with Washington:
    Patriots obtain Washington’s 1987 third round selection (81st pick overall) for the rights to Ricky Sanders (WR).
    This little snippett about Sanders:
    Sanders won 2 Super Bowl rings with the Redskins, in Super Bowl XXII and Super Bowl XXVI. In Super Bowl XXII, Sanders had one of the greatest performance in NFL history, catching 9 passes for 193 yards and 2 touchdowns, while also returning 3 kickoffs for 46 yards. He set Super Bowl records for most receiving yards (193), most total yards (235), most touchdowns in one quarter (2), most receiving yards in one quarter (168), and longest touchdown reception (80 yards, tie) in Washington's 42-10 win over the Denver Broncos.

    In 1989 the Pats use thier 1st round pick(#16) on a WR named Hart Lee Dykes. Had some decent years but along with Fryar:
    In 1990, Fryar and Patriots teammate Hart Lee Dykes got into a brawl at a Rhode Island nightclub that ended with a badly beaten Fryar sitting in a jail cell.
    He never did live up to expectations. In fact Michael Timpson drafted in the same year could be said to have had a better Pats career (I remember him catching the winning TD against Maimi in Bledsoe's first year).

    Then you have the line of Greg McMurtry, Vincent Brisby a 2nd rounder the same year Troy was taken in the 8th, Kevin Lee a 2nd in 1994, Bill Schroeder in a trade in 95.

    Which brings us to 1996 and the 7th pick in RD1 Terry Glenn. A great rookie season after being called "she" by Parcells but I think we all know the history.

    In the next few years they had the Tonys, Gaiter and Simmons. Dietrich Jells was on the team too.

    Shawn Jefferson a good player although I always remember him trying to spin for that extra yard and fumbling.

    Donald Hayes?

    Then it's 2002. Deion Branch in the 2nd and David Givens in the 7th (after taking Antwoine Womak earlier in the 7th).

    David Patten was here and did great but then went on his was way.

    Givens is gone and Branch is, well, we won't get into that.

    I'm sure I'm forgetting a number of guys over the years and a few before Fryar but there's only so much time in the day. In conclusion maybe the Pats aren't meant to have good WRs for long. Stanley and Troy that's it unless Deion and the team work something out. Just some thoughts on a Saturday morning.

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    #12 Jersey

    Maybe in the end its about the monetary value placed on that position by the current organization?
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    Not a Quote "WR".But let us not forget Ben Coates :cool:
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    PatsRI - Good stuff. Thanks for the memories....I guess.
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