The Negative Media Blitz is Stopping or Winning Cures Everything..

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    No Pro football talk stories this morning, Callahan is starting to show the love, but no one does it better than Simmons.. Winning is a cure all and the tide is beginning to turn.. thank goodness, it may be a lot of page 2 stuff, but the press does not like too much good news.

    So save me the moral indignation about CameraGate. The whole world is screwed up. We watch football every week because the games are entertaining, because it's something to do, because it gives us something to discuss with our friends, co-workers and family members. If you're searching for a football-related moral cause with some meat, watch this month's feature about Earl Campbell on "Costas Now." He's the Texas hero who got chewed up and spit out by professional football; now he suffers from crippling back and knee problems and needs a cane or a wheelchair to get around. The NFL makes roughly a kajillion dollars a year, only its player's union doesn't give two craps about a deteriorating ex-star like Campbell, one of the watershed stars of the '70s and someone who helped push the league to its current heights. They have a lame pension program and no disability benefits, and they have a union head (Gene Upshaw) who openly admits he's paid to worry about current players and not former ones ... even though he's a former player himself. Of course, that story isn't nearly as controversial as the current Patriots scandal because we can't slap a "Gate" behind it. Too bad.

    Anyway, when the Patriots and Colts play in Week 9 to determine alpha dog status for the 2007 season, if you're not attached to either team but find yourself rooting for the Colts because Tony Dungy is a better person than Bill Belichick and a better example for your kids, ... well, you're probably right. That's a legitimate reason to root for one team over another. I don't blame you. Let's just hope that, by Week 9, we're enjoying the football season again. That was a fascinating Chargers-Pats game Sunday night for a number of reasons, only nobody outside of New England seemed to notice. Especially the network that was broadcasting it.

    One more thing: Everyone keeps saying Belichick's legacy has been tainted by the events of Sept. 9. And it definitely has. There's no question. But if you picked the Chargers to win or cover last night, you can't deny that sinking feeling you had during the first quarter, when NBC showed Belichick on one sideline and Turner on the other, and you thought to yourself, "I'm an idiot, what the hell was I thinking?" Belichick might not be the best role model, but he's still the best football coach alive. More importantly, Norv Turner is still Norv Turner. One mistake can't change either of those things. You should have known better.
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    I just shake my head and laugh every time someone mentions football players (coaches) and sports figures as role models.
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    Hes started off ok, but for a guy that makes his living detailing the ups and downs of his sports betting, who lives his life through the lens of a vegas over/under, this is a little too much moralizing to take:

    Hey Bill, why don't you lose your bookie's phone number this week, and give the money to a veteran's relief group, or a charity benefitting missing and exploited children ?

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