The "Need" At WR

Discussion in 'Patriots Draft Talk' started by mgteich, Dec 8, 2010.

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  1. mgteich

    mgteich Veteran Supporter

    Is there really something missing in our passing game? I don't think so.

    1) The scheme has changed by design, focusing on the TE, dink, dunk and YACs.
    2) The top five targets are Welker, Branch, Hernandez, Gronkowksi and Woodhead. All have their roles and are playing very, very well.
    3) Our #3 WR is doing well in the limited role he has been asked to perform. Tate also earns his keep as an OK kick returner.
    4) Our #4 WR is a very solid backup slot receiver. We would be comfortable playing Edelman if either Welker or Branch were unavailable. Edleman also earns his keep as our punt returner, thankfully relieving Welker of that role.
    5) We have third round prospect as our #5 WR that we haven't even seen because those in front of him are doing their jobs so well. Since the #3 and #4 are returners, Price must do more than just be a better option at WR (which he may or may not be).
    6) Our #6 wide receiver (as noted above only 3 get many reps) is a special teamer as usual. Slater has been one of our two special teams only players since he got here. He is a Belichick favorite at that role.
    7) Our #3 TE used to be one of the top receiving TE's in the league. Captain Crumpler is now a top blocker. He is awesome in his role.

    A) We are doing great in the passing game.
    B) The top contributers are in place for 2011.
    C) We have three young backups.
    D) The total cost for this 10 man receiving corp is quite reasonable (WR, TE and 3rd down RB). This group also includes 3 key special teamers: Edelman, Tate and Slater.

    We might bring in free agent veteran insurance and/or late round competition for Price. However, I don't the need for anything more. Obviously, Belichick will bring in someone if the value is there. I just don't think that the need is there.
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  2. RodThePat

    RodThePat In the Starting Line-Up

    You better believe this team needs another WR. If one of Welker/Branch is out for an extended period of time we are pretty much screwed. The passing game overall has plenty of weapons. The WR position specifically is paper thin.
  3. Marqui

    Marqui In the Starting Line-Up

    Good point. Pats should also trade for Peyton Manning because they're screwed if Brady is out for an extended period of time.
  4. HomerSchooled

    HomerSchooled Practice Squad Player

    All excellent points. Our passing attack is dominant, and barring injury, the group has nowhere to go but up. Gronk, Hernandez, Edelman, Price and Tate will all have more experience, and Welker will be further removed from a devastating injury.

    That being said, from a personnel stand point, WRs is one of the weaker areas on the team at the top. The depth obviously is great, and it's doing us wonders. Depending on what happens with Mankins and Light, and considering how strong a class this is, I'd still like to see a WR in the first 4 picks. To me, there's too much value to ignore. Our DL will be getting Warren back, our DBs will be getting Bodden back. If Mankins or Light stays, we likely only need one OL in the first couple rounds. OLB is obviously the most glaring need, but we know how that goes.

    Personally, in the top 4 picks I'd like to see OLB, WR, OL, and DL. To me, those are the places where high picks can bring value and immediate impact.
  5. Snake Eyes

    Snake Eyes Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    Yeah, he's a real for wanting additional depth when 2 of best receivers have quite a few miles on their tires :rolleyes:

    We've barely seen Edelman this season, I can only assume BB things a recovering Welker is better and worth the risk, and we also havent seen anything out of Price, so he's a big question mark as well. That being the case it certainly wouldt come as a surprise if BB picked up another receiver or two.

    Maybe you should think a bit before talking down to people.
  6. Taxed in Maine

    Taxed in Maine On the Game Day Roster

    I agree with MG. Virtually zero need to draft another WR this spring, and absolutely not in the first two rounds. The only way they draft one is if they give up on Price, but I think that is highly unlikely at this point.

    Five or six number 2s are far better for this offense. I would rather they focus on getting a couple OLmen and a couple RB on offense.

    Also, I'm quite sure all of the 6th and 7th picks are gone because of the trades. As it stands right now, they have 8 picks thru 5 rounds.
  7. Sciz

    Sciz Supporter Supporter

    Ever since Branch got here, I've been against an early-round WR in the draft. Any WR would be knocking either Slater or Edelman out of a job, meaning they'd also have to be a great special teamer. I just don't see that happening. I expect Tate and Price to improve a lot next offseason, coming off their rookie years (essentially for Tate).
  8. Marqui

    Marqui In the Starting Line-Up

    It was just a joke, relax.
  9. Boston Boxer

    Boston Boxer U.S. Air Force Retired Supporter

    #91 Jersey

    we could have tackling dummies for WRs and Brady would still throw for 300 yards a game.
  10. NEPatriot

    NEPatriot Banned

    I tend to agree. I could see us taking a WR in the 3rd or 4th. Someone with Branch like skills, who fits our system.
  11. thek1d

    thek1d Rookie

    I think Price is the wildcard in all of this.

    If the Pats are liking his progress so far, I don't think they draft another receiever. However, if they do draft another receiver (in the top half of the draft anyway) I don't think that bodes well for Price.

    The top four right now--Branch, Welker, Tate, Edelman--are great, with #5 Price developing. I've never been a huge fan of Slater, so I wouldn't mind seeing him replaced with a low draft pick.
  12. Metaphors

    Metaphors In the Starting Line-Up

    I would have to agree. I don't think that Edelperson has fallen out of favor. The receivers have just been fairly healthy and consistent (apart from a few Tate drops). If one of the WRs goes down, Edelperson takes a greater share of the load. If another goes down, Price steps in.

    Three WRs get nearly all of the practice snaps, game reps and targets...Welker as the Y, Branch as the Z and Tate as the X. Edelperson backs up all the WR spots, gets the occasional situational game rep and plays special teams, making him the ideal #4. Slater gets the remaining specialty snaps (blocking on short yardage, the rare deep route) and is a ST leader, making him the ideal #5. No additional WRs will be active since others (Hernandez, Woodhead) can split out wide when needed.

    That makes Price money in the bank. If someone funds a rainy-day account, I don't know how you can say they are unprepared for a rainy day. Price is unproven, but is now more of a known commodity than a 2011 draft pick.

    That being said:

    1) If one of the top Jr. WRs slips (most likely Floyd), I wouldn't be against drafting a WR at #33. Not because of need, but because of exceptional value.

    2) Maybe you have to re-think what the Pats want in a WR. On Monday night, the Pats neutralized Revis and Cromartie through motion, precise routes, pick plays and formations. The Jets were totally flummoxed and Brady never looked more comfortable and in control. It is possible that the perfect receivers for this offense aren't found in the first two rounds.
  13. Taxed in Maine

    Taxed in Maine On the Game Day Roster

    Except that Slater is a valued contributor on all 6 special teams, a back-up WR, and a back-up Safety. He's probably the fastest player on the team and can return kicks & punts also. From what I have read/heard the coaches really like him. It would be very difficult for a rookie to displace him off the roster.
  14. HomerSchooled

    HomerSchooled Practice Squad Player

    I guess I'm alone in my greediness. I've just been thinking lately Julio Jones would look good in a Pats uni. Big, strong, fast, and great in the short passing game. I totally admit he'd be a luxury. I just thought with so many picks and players returning from injuries, we could afford it.
  15. Off The Grid

    Off The Grid Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    #3 Jersey

    Oh, NO. [​IMG]

  16. jsull87

    jsull87 In the Starting Line-Up

    I don't know about screwed... i think edelperson and tatewould step in fine as the number 2 if welker or branch was injured. Price... we'll see for next year.

    I think as usual we will spend lat 2nd/3rd on a wr and hope they develop into the next branch/welker

    At the start of the year i was wanting Julius Jones... now i am not so fussed
  17. Off The Grid

    Off The Grid Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    #3 Jersey

    Let me state for the record that if I was EVER to countenance the expenditure of a 1st Round Pick on a @#$%* WIDEOUT...It would be on Julio @#$%* JONES.

    As Wide Outs go...he is a flat out STUD.

    HINES @#$%* WARD...with SPEED. :rocker:
  18. Snake Eyes

    Snake Eyes Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    I'm more and more seeing Jones as a perfect fit for this offense, I want to get away from the Moss-type and get to hard nosed receiver that can lay someone on their back. I'm not sure where Jones is projected to fall but if we did get a reciver early I'd want him.

    My plan is to:

    - sign Steve Smith.
    - grab Randall "Tex" Cobb in the 4th
    - take Jerrod Johnson in the very late rounds or as a UDFA.
  19. A_Ghost_In_The_Machine

    A_Ghost_In_The_Machine On the Roster

    I'm inclined to agree. I don't think it would be catasrophic if one of them went out (although I'd much rather they both stay healthy) because we'd still have Gronk, Hernandez, Woodhead to fill in. I'd like to think that Edelman could step in given his play last season but it's hard to tell whether his lack of play this season is because everyone above him is playing great or whether he's been sub-par in practice etc. I'm not convinced with Tate, great returner but as a WR I can't see him being the 'go to guy' that Welker or Branch are. I'm not going to write him off this early but I'd like to see some development out of him. Can't really comment on Price at this point having not seen anything from him. Overall I don't think we have a pressing need to draft a WR early given the way our offense is playing but if someone like A.J. Green fell to us I think it'd be hard to pass up.
  20. serifyn

    serifyn Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    Maybe if a guy they like drops to them, but i certainly wouldn't move up to get someone in the first or even second rounds.

    Keep in mind that the patriots still have Edelman (who we all saw light it up in preseason) and Price (who is still learning the system) stashed. Tate in limited action has done fairly well outside of a couple brutal drops, As long as Welker and Branch are healthy, they are THE BEST WRs, you could hope to have in this system right now.

    take a look at the Jets game, Cromartie was absolutely destroyed by branch and welker numerous times and whoever wasent on cromarie was neutralizing Revis somewhere else, they didnt even need to test him.

    This branch looks like the one who earned superbowl MVP, like he stepped into a time machine from the superbowl and onto the field.

    The Tight ends will Continue to get better, Gronkowski is uncoverable, and Tom can put it anywhere within 5 yards of him for a reception, Hernandez has the speed of a WR and the build of a TE, making his a matchup probably as there is no perfect matchup against him (corners too small, linebackers too slow/big)

    The Runningbacks are doing a fine job, BJGE is being able to run when other teams play coverage, he is showing me what people's definition of hitting the hole is getting a good 4-5 yards per carry, woodhead is sneaking out of the back and getting 40 yards with his speed and elusiveness.

    honestly the only thing i worry about with this offense is the O-line who is getting older. MANKINS MUST BE RESIGNED, Light can be resigned or upgraded, koppan is getting older, Connolly and Vollmer are locks for the next decade.

    As long as these things happen above, i don't see this team being fully stopped by anyone, and it plays into Brady's game of manipulating the defense and putting his tools in the best position to succeed.

    After another draft, this team is going to be scary good.
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