The most versatile player on the Patriots in 2007

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    I am not sure who is going to be this years 'Troy Brown type player' - I am going to assume Troy won't be on this years team at least as a WR barring injury to any of the projected WR starters,so the question bears asking - Who will be the most versatile player on this years team and used more often?.

    Heres my candidates ....

    Wes Welker - This truly talented player can return kicks,play WR position and even kick FGs or extra points if Steven was injured or I think he can even be a special teams player on the defensive side if truly needed,He is most definately at or near the top of being most versatile on this team.

    Adalius Thomas - This versatile defender can adjust to any position at LB or even thrown into the secondary at Safety in an emergency.

    Mike Vrabel - You can't keep Mike out of the 'most versatile' contest,Although I believe he did not catch a TD pass last year,He can still line up as a receiver or block as an extra back in goaline formations and of course he can play inside or out at LB.

    ???? - Any other player you think will be used more than others this year in areas other than thier known position - or do you see any surprises of another player being used in a unfamiliar position?

    So who's gonna be the guy most used in versatile positions on this years squad?

    I will go with voting Thomas being used in more areas due to the ages and previous injuries of Bruschi,Seau and Harrison and the positions that those players play - all of which can be filled by putting Adalius in those respective spots.
  2. DarrylS

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    I am going to go with Thomas, will not do it as flashy as Troy, but will nonetheless fill in a bunch of different positions on the D.
  3. BradfordPatsFan

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    Having not seen him play a down of NFL ball, I'd consider adding Merriweather to the list. He can play several positions in the defensvie backfield. He can play safety, perhaps both spots, nickel back, and from what many have said, can play cb in the base package as well.
  4. wistahpatsfan

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    On the team: Thomas
    Not on the team: Brown
  5. mgteich

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    Mills, if he makes the team.
  6. fgssand

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    Why would you not want to keep a heads up, back up slot receiver, that returns punts with the best of them and can back up as a DB & QB??

    The player has the confidence of his head coach and has been told he has a position on the club already.

    The player is rehabbing from injury right now but a deal will shortly be in place.

    Troy Brown will be on the roster this year...unless someone knows more than the rest of us??
  7. wistahpatsfan

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    Let's hope so. We need # 80 on the field.
  8. Patsfanin Philly

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    and after his playing days are over as a coach/mentor/example for years to come. the best comparison I can make is Johnny Pesky with the Red Sox who stayed on in many capacities for decades...........
  9. WhiZa

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    Willie Andrews!
  10. Remix 6

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    Welker? HOW? Hes a WR and a he kicked a FG once. im sure if we gave someone a chance they could do it too

    a lot of WRs are returnmen..

    i say Kevin Faulk.

    Can receive, run, play ST teams, block. He does it all.

    Vrabel is my 2nd choice. inside, outside, DE. rushes passer, can cover, plays run. TE.
  11. signbabybrady

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    Couldnt have said it better myself. Troy Brown is the man.
  12. mavfan2390

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    Ummmm....Adalius Thomas will play EVERY position on defense with the exception of NT and some of you are choosing Garret Mills?!
  13. patsgo

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    mills could play tight end,wide reciever,h back,fullback, and special teams, of course he needs to make the team
  14. PATRIOT64

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    I don't understand the love for Garrett Mills? - Has he played in an actual NFL game? - for how long? - has he showed anything? - isn't there a reason if he is so good and versatile that no other team picked him up before we did? - and some of you are putting him at several positions on this team? :eek:

    Lets see some talent first...then expect more if it happens.

    If a guy like this were on another team and was talked about like this we would be laughing at them and calling them idiots.:bricks:
  15. satz

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    Millis has not done anything to be listed in this list or in that wes as alot of WR including steve smith do kr and the only thing is he kicked a field goal....not produced in 1 game but consistently.

    A.Thomas - He has played safety,corner,lb and dl so i say him
    Brown - I do not have to add anything here.
    Heath Evans - last year he was a beast in spl teams and i remember alot of key tackles in returns ,played FB/RB , TE[receiving and blocking] and Spl teams.
    again i have used players who played more than 2 or 3 positions in few games and not in 1 off games.
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  16. Oswlek

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    Welker is by far the most versatile player on the team. You mention Faulk's special teams prowess, but you forgot one thing:

    Welker is equal to or better than Faulk at every single special teams capacity (PR is the only one that I can see the case for being equal, although I like Welker more there) and he knows more than Faulk does. And don't give me the crap about how anyone could kick a FG if given the chance - that is a complete spinjob if I ever heard one.

    Faulk is very versatile for a RB, Welker is very versatile period. Major difference.

    I would quite possibly give this moniker to Brown if he were on the team right now.
  17. ctpatsfan77

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    There may be 31 different reasons, not all of them good. See: Brady, Tom; Brown, Troy; Thomas, Adalius.
  18. Patjew

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    What do you mean by that?

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