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The most accurate Pats pre-draft forecast

Discussion in 'Patriots Draft Talk' started by patchick, May 3, 2007.

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  1. patchick

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    Pats draft leave you bamboozled? Threatening to never mock again? Hold on...maybe you predicted better than you realize. Maybe, back before the draft-day itch for exciting players got ahold of you, you actually had this draft--and this team--pegged.

    I just stumbled across a thread from March, entitled "How good is this draft class?":

    Here is the narrative arc, in quotes:

    Personally, I consider this year's draft pretty darned poor. Safety and OG are the notable bright spots

    It's very mediocre

    I don't agree. This is probably an average to slightly above average draft class.

    it's a very talented draft if you're not the Patriots

    Maybe that's the fairest assessment. As I try to project the Patriots' picks I keep looking at spots and thinking "I want nobody here." But that doesn't necessarily reflect the total quality of the talent pool.

    If this really is a class that is worse for the Patriots than other teams, then the roll-picks-forward strategy starts to look very appealing. That said, it's deep at safety and the Patriots have a clear need at safety.

    (...discussion veers off)

    And there you have it: a first day of safety, nothing and nobody, followed by a second day full of OLs. We knew that was the real value proposition...and BB/SP had the self-discipline to stick with it.
  2. psychoPat

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    research !
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