The Minnesota Vikings have signed free agent S Mike Doss

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by broadwayjoe, Apr 4, 2007.

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    While he would have been nice for depth, he is coming off a torn ACL and lost his starting spot to Bethea.
  4. Pat the Pats Fan

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    Standard response from a Colt fan, we are better without him.....puleeeeese!!!
  5. workhorse

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    I don't recall saying we'd be better off without him. I do recall saying he would be good for depth.

    Would you want him on the Pats? Especially coming off a major knee injury.
  6. spacecrime

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    The Pats have lost playes every year and remain competitive, but it requires re-stocking. Like the Colts, a good part of our team is from the draft, but key losses need to be made up in free agency. The draft is not to be relied on for help the rookie year. Sometimes it works (RB, S) but most positions need a year for the player to become consistent.

    Our team is as strong as it is year after year because of good drafting, BUT the years we were least competitive were the years our FA acquisitions were less successful (2002, 2005, 2006).

    It is nice for backups to step forward, and nice if rookies contribute, but counting on that happening for success is foolish.

    I understand that the Colts don't often dabble in free agency, and I believe the players they select this year will be effective in 2008.

    I do think that you may stumble this year on defense. Last year your defense sucked. It came together for four playoff games, and that is great. But you lost players who are not being replaced.

    If you luck out in the draft (as we did with mid-round picks Wilson/Samuel/Koppen/Gay etc) you'll be fine. But you need defensive help and you absolutely should not have let Rhodes go. That was idiotic. You are one awkward hit away from a horrible season. If there is one thing that has been shown, you need two RBs. I hope we draft one and you should, too. Luckily RB is the one position that can take the field as a rookie and be expected to contribute.

    I don't look for the Colts to repeat, though.
  7. spacecrime

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    Bogus reply. Since when have players with knee injuries been unable to take the field ever again?

    Lots of players have knee injuries. I don't recall our cutting Rodney or Watson or Lght or Jackson or any other players who had knee surgery.

    If he wasn't any good, fine. Let him go. But he isn't gone because he had knee surgery and you know it. He is gone because you have no money to sign him.

    People dispute this, but my belief is that this is because Manning, Harrison and Freeney take up 5% of your roster and about 30% of the cap.
  8. danny88

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    Keep making excuses. If Harrison left you guys would claim he was "old" and it was "no big deal". I am sure every player you draft or that moves from backup to starter will work out perfectly. I am sure you will be able to duplicate a injury free year also. Wont need depth!!! bahhhh who needs depth?
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  9. unoriginal

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    Once upon a time a certain organization lost a much better safety than Mike Doss, replacing him with a bunch of younger players, only one of whom turned out to be any good.

    As we all know, that team went on to never win a Super Bowl again. Sorry workhorse, there is no way the Colts will be able to succeed without Lawyer Milloy, ****, I mean Mike Doss.
  10. patriotsdynasty12189

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    They are though. Bethea is a lot better than Doss was.
  11. Fixit

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    I didn't find workhorse's reply to be all that controversial. In fact, it seemed perfectly reasonable.
  12. Miguel

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    Same arguments about the Colts losing players were made last year.

    There is a quote about forgetting history that looks to be applicable.

    I will give 10 to 1 odds that Manning, Harrison, and Freeney do not take up 30% of the Colts' 2007 adjusted.

    That is, if the trio does take up 30% of the Colts' adjusted cap right now, I will write any takers a check for $1,000.
    If I am right, I ask that a check of $100 be sent to the Bread of Life.
  13. Fixit

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    The gauntlet, she has been thrown down.
  14. patpatriot

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    Well on the bright side, Bethea was a low (7th? 6th? round) draft choice. With all the "garbage" picks we have this year, maybe we will get lucky too.
  15. Miguel

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    I found the quote - "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it"
  16. spacecrime

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    From the Colts cap page:

    Freeney 9.6
    Harrison 8.4
    Manning 8.2

    Colts cap 105.5

    What's that? 25%?

    Wow! I had forgotten that Manning pushed off $8 mil of cap to future years and I was still close to 30%.

    Not bad for a quick in-my-head guess, huh?

    What's Manning's cap hit for next year, do you know? Must be getting up to $20 million by now. Maybe just him and Harrison can make up 25% of the Colts cap next year.

    maybe it's managable, maybe it isn't, but i'm looking forward to next year.
  17. Miguel

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    The Colts' adjusted cap figure is 111,317,326. Not bad for a guess at all. But since I am not allowed by MoLewisRocks to mislead this board I figure that everyone should be held to the same standard.

  18. Bethea is better because he can stay on the field and played pretty well. Doss hardly played so it's not that big of a loss in my opionion.
  19. Miguel

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    I think that I know it.

    As it stands right now, that duo take up over 26% of the Colts' 2008 cap. But a lot of things can happen between now and 2008.
  20. workhorse

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    That's just crazy.


    Thank you.

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