The Mentality of the "Underdog".

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    The Mentality of the "Underdog"
    Self Perception vs. Cognitive Dissonance

    Cognitive dissonance is a psychological term describing the uncomfortable tension that may result from having two conflicting thoughts at the same time, or engaging in behavior that conflicts with one's beliefs.

    Self perception differs from cognitive dissonance in that it does not hold that people experience a "negative drive state" called "dissonance" which they seek to relieve. Instead, people simply infer their attitudes from their own behavior.

    I digress:

    The origin of the word "underdog" comes from naval shipbuilding when the planks of wood were sawn for their construction. The logs of wood were placed over a pit on planks of wood called "dogs". The senior saws man stood on the top plank and he was the over dog (top dog). The junior had to go into the pit and saw, and of course he got covered in saw dust. He was considered the "underdog".

    An "underdog" is a person, or group in a competition, who is popularly expected to lose.

    In a more broad sense, the term is used in reference to a group which suffers from discrimination, and/or persecution.

    The outside perception of a particular group as an "underdog" might change considerably with time, and circumstance, but in cases where the group's self perception, defined through struggle, and adversity as the "Underdog", shall continue to exist, so shall a constant motivational force for this group, regardless of circumstance.

    The New England Patriots" dynastic rise was molded from the "underdog" mentality, a mentality that is ingrained, and etched into the heart of every coach, player, and fan of that 2001 (and prior) team.

    Fast forward to 2007, a year in which, against all odds, statistical, and historical, The New England Patriots have accomplished what was considered the impossible, an unblemished perfect regular season (16-0), in Todays National Football League, which is structured, through salary cap and free agency, to exemplify parity. Yet, on a national level, from media outlets, to common everyday fans on internet forums, people are collectively rooting for this teams fall from grace, instead of celebrating what should be heralded as nothing less than a remarkable accomplishment in sports history.

    Fuel on the fire, nothing more, nothing less.

    Even when expected to win, the Patriots remain "underdogs".

    "Us against the world."

    ~The Razor

    (truck packed, colors on, Foxboro bound)
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    Good post, very interesting, makes sense. The Patriots were forged in the underdog furnace. Even this year they could perceive spygate as another exampe of everyone being against them.
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