The Media - Lies, Truth, or Misinterpretation?

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Solaris, May 14, 2008.

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    For example, Sal goes on ESPN and states that Walsh was told by Belichick to be discrete. Yet Sal was at the very same press conference yesterday where the commissioner said that Walsh never met Belichick. He was told to keep it discrete by his supervisor, not Belichick. Yet now we get the numerous detailed analysis of Belichick was obviously lying about misinterpeting the rules because he told Walsh to be discrete.

    It's not just related to this case, but it seems this way in general. Journalism has no ethics anymore, it's nothing more then gossip and slander for pure pathalogical enjoyment. Opinions are fine, columnists and reporters are different, but they should at least write, report, and comment based on facts and not their own "misinterpretations."

    Did Sal make a mistake and misinterpret what the commissioner said yesterday or did Sal lie to make his point? I guess it goes both ways, but when it's the media the rest of us do not have the same voice to influence opinion and perception. It's just too bad because it gives "journalists" a free ticket to be irresponsible the vast majority of time.
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    I made this point yesterday in another thread. You have brought it up better than I did.

    IMO he either lied to make his point or he is incompetent. Either one, take your choice.
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    All these guys have painted themselves into a corner and look like idiots. So they will say anything,ignoring the facts to try and not look like the fools they are. They ran with the story,kept it going,and now have major egg on their collective faces,and they don't want to "Lose Face"
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    A little tangent of this: I think if someone called a radio host or emailed a writer and said something like "You were so sure there was a walk through tape. Now we know there wasn't one and you look foolish," they would deny claiming there was a tape.

    Their explanation would be "I always said 'IF there is a tape...' never 'There is a tape'..." Of course, everything they said after "if" dealt with the existence of a tape and what the ramifications and punishment would be. They never bothered to explore the possibility that there was no tape.

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