The Man who saved the Patriots

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by dryheat44, Dec 23, 2005.

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    Ah, THAT Zeke Mowatt!!

    I always hate those: we've got to make it worse for it to get better arguments (brings back memories of student politics) but he makes a great point.
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    This quote is great, never thought about it before, but has some credibility:

    "I’ve been worried about the Yankeefanification of Patriot’s fans ever since they beat Carolina in Super Bowl XXXwhatever. That we’d glumly sit there, dower and joyless, demanding success like we somehow had it coming to us. That failure would infuriate us, but victory wouldn’t be any fun because we’ve come to expect it."
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    That was long ago, when women were rare in the locker room. We were firing missiles in Iraq. The quote I recall from Zeke was "wanna see a patriot missile up close?" Yes, Zeke started the sequence of events, but calling Kiam a "stand-up" guy is far from the truth. It was his attitudes much more than Zeke's that made the difference. Zeke could simply have been fired, as he was.

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    I love Barstool Sports, one of my favorite Boston publications, has somewhat of a cult following.
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    That is a great piece of writing. All Pats fans should read it.
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    Actually, that was some funny $h!t.
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    What could be better as an article,
    Pen1s, Victor Kiam and Blazing Saddles are in one article......Suddenly I see the connection.
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    What a great article. Brings back memories. Kiam was the pits.
    That Barstool Sports guy can write. Thanks for the post!
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    Great review of the history of the present-day NE Pats. The organization really hit bottom with the Mowatt incident and Kiam handled it like a real boor. It's been nothing but uphill since.
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    Great piece. Get that guy a proper editor and he could really put out some top-rate stuff.

    My favorite quote:

    "Kiam, stand up guy that he was, fired Rust. He replaced him with Syracuse U. head coach Dick McPherson, a man so cuddly and lovable toward his players he made Pete Carroll look like Uday Hussein."

    Haha. Classic.
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    That WAS a classic. Must read. Great stuff.

    Zeke was the man. Remember him catching passes with a cast on his arm?

    Ah the bad old days. We had bought season tickets for the year they went 1-15. Saw some of the worst coaching I've ever seen.
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    Beautiful...Just Beautful.....great article.
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    Excellent article. Hate to nitpick, though, but this bit of historic revisionism blemished it for me a bit.
    "You know the rest. Parcells drafted Bledsoe, McGinest, Brown, Johnson, Martin, Bruschi and Law. Now that the Pats were respectable, Bob Kraft bought them. "

    Errrrr, Kraft bought the team BEFORE they were respectable. Before the 1993 season. McGinest, Johnson, Martin, Bruschi and Law were all drafted AFTER Kraft bought the team. Brown was drafted in a round so low it doesn't even exist anymore. Today he would have been a street rookie free agent. His drafting did not bring repectability to the Pats at the time. In fact Parcells even cut him after he made the team.

    So while it is a cute and funny article (and well-written), the real man who saved the Patriots and built the dynasty was one Robert Kraft.

    Without him, they would be in St Louis right now.
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    My Bad. You're right, he bought the team on January 21st 1994.

    That being said, the writer made it sound like Kraft bought the team AFTER it had become respectable and AFTER they had drafted McGinest, Johnson, Martin, Bruschi and Law. Just plain wrong. I admit my error. Would be interesting if the writer admitted his.

    In truth, Kraft picked this team out of the garbage before Orthwein hustled it to St. Louis.
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    The number 1 contender for this title has to be Mo Lewis.

    Hey check out this 10/2001 Dan Patrick article I googled:

    "Drew Bledsoe does not ruffle easily. That's a great quality for a New England Patriots quarterback. With the notoriously difficult Boston media, impatient fans and a talent-poor roster right now, it helps Bledsoe to keep an even keel"


    "Right now, the quarterback controversy in New England is strictly a media creation. With three wins in his first four starts, Tom Brady appears to have a bright NFL future. But the Patriots are unlikely to hand over the quarterback job based on four starts."


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