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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by aluminum seats, Jan 22, 2007.

  1. aluminum seats

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    Said recently that, as strange as it is to contemplate, the linebackers are the weak link of this team. Not having Harrison yesterday hurt, but Bruschi shouldn't be a starter anymore, Banta-Cain definitely not, etc.
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    I love Tedy Bruschi (see avatar). But even I have to admit, he looks old out there. Vrable is still a good player but is starting to show signs of either age or wear-and-tear. Alexander shouldn't have been out there but what are you going to do with no Seau and Vrable playing outside.

    Linebacker has been a spot has been ignored by BB and Pioli in the draft or FA for far too long. I hope this will be the focus of te upcoming draft. They need to get the new kids on board before Bruschi hangs up his spikes for good.
  3. PaulNEPats

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    Is this the year we see an LB drafted in the early rounds?

    Ehh probably not, prolly another TE :D
  4. Dozer

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    Adalius Thomas is the one I want. London Fletcher will probably be the apple of the Pioli-chick eye though.
  5. aluminum seats

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    Others would probably be more insightful than me as far as specific replacements go. But linebackers are the key to this offense--the 3 down lineman tie things up so the LBs can make plays. The secondary is really less important in this system (obviously top corners are great, but they are not as vital as the LBs--meaning Samuel's gone). Can anyone name a single play that ANY of the linebackers made yesterday? Yeah, me neither.

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