The Jerk from Montana...Conrad Burns(R) rants about forest firefighters....

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    Conrad Burns criticizes the firefighters from Va. fighting the forest fires in Montana, fine thanks to those who risk their lives. This guy seems to be loosing it, his office staff are not close behind.,0,3508962.story?coll=dp-opinion-editorials

    The jerk from Montana
    Virginia firefighters treated to profanity from a U.S. senator
    August 5, 2006
    When forests and fields in Western states ignite into flames, help arrives from all quarters - including from Virginia. So, with fires breaking out recently near Billings, Mont., the Augusta County "Hot Shots" were on the job.

    For their arduous, dangerous labors, the 20 or so Virginia firefighters received about $8 to $12 per hour plus time-and-a-half for overtime.

    They also enjoyed the profound gratitude and deep appreciation of the people of Montana and their elected representatives.

    Well, mostly. U.S. Sen. Conrad Burns, Republican of Montana, had something else to offer the Virginians.

    After days spent in the heat and flames of the Billings' fires, the Augusta firefighters were finally on their way home, sitting in the lounge of the local airport, waiting to board their flight to Virginia. That's when the senator showed up.

    Was he there to thank them? Maybe he wanted to give them a plaque or something. Politicians do that sort of thing, especially when there's an election coming up.

    Oh, no. Burns stormed up to the Virginia crew and cussed them.

    "See that guy over there?" the senator said, according to a subsequent report of the incident. "He hasn't done a [expletive deleted] thing. They sit around. I saw it up on the Wedge fire and in northwestern Montana some years ago. It's wasteful. You probably paid that guy $10,000 to sit around. It's gotta change."

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