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The importance of good officiating

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Pats726, Jan 22, 2007.

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    OK...OK..I am not blaming the officials for the loss..there is plenty of poor play, injuries, an dbad things that happened that kept this team from winning the game. There is plenty of bad play on teh Patriots side and of good play from Manning and company. And clearly, with all that happened..they won fair and square..and I give them great credit in slaying the dragon..beating their nemesis....BUT I think one ought to see and observe how important the officiating was and always is in an NFL game..
    And it is VERY important..and the officials FOR THE MOST PART are always really fair and do their absolute best.. AND it is interesting that a well offiiciated game is not without some controversy..and small mistakes. No it was NOT as blatant as last year and yet...would two plays if called differently might have chaneged the outcome of the game??
    My point is not that officials are bad..but MORE that they have to be better!! There is a real NEED for that especially when players are stronger quicker and the game is played so full tilt and fast. The players are better than ever and are now trained in big offseason programs..THAT is very understandable...but what about officials?? They do NOT even do full time work in the off season so while the players are all better and more skilled, officials ARE NOT at all. How do they improve??
    I think THAT is the big issue and one that the NFL NEEDS to address..sure, the chains are outdated and they need to throw some money to use technology to improve things..but ALSO..make officials full time and make them study and officiate in the offseason. ..somehow hire players..NON-NFL to do simultaed games..real games so that when an official sees pass interference, he knows if you do XXXXX that is OK an dif you do YYY it may not be. The problem is that even in a game one thing might be done and called one way and at another time not. That is totally ridiculous!!! With all the films of all games, I am sure they can find examples of what is a penalty and what is not..it is clear in many cases. AND through fim work one can say what is annd what isn't...so there si a standard..why is it that Hobbs can be calle dfor a PI penalty and Caldwell can be pushed and grabbe din teh endzone with no flag??? And yet..if that WAS called consistently, the outcome MAY have been different. SO even in a really well officiated game, a small thing CAN make the difference. What does that say about officiating in general???
    I THINK it means that something needs to be done....and it isn't just this game..but I bet if one looks in ALl games one can find so many examples..and that is just it..the NFL does NOT CARE to improve it at all. What about that Roughing the Passer call...weak at best..not even close....
    All I am saying is that I really believe the NFL HAS to look at the officiating an dmake changes...so that it IMPROVES!!!

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