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The Immaculate Offseason - Return of the Dynasty

Discussion in 'Patriots Draft Talk' started by BRiZ, Jan 13, 2009.

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  1. BRiZ

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    Jan 2, 2008
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    Staff Acquisitions:

    OC - Mike Shanahan Denver Broncos
    DC - Romeo Crennel Cleveland Browns (Pees demoted to secondary)

    Free Agency Acquisitions:

    CB Nnamdi Asomugha Oakland Raiders
    OG Mike Goff San Diego Chargers

    NFL Draft:

    Acquired Picks:

    Round 1 #22 - Minnesota trades their 1st round pick QB Matt Cassel.

    Round 2 #47 - Patriots receive San Diegos 2nd round pick for trading their 2008 3rd round pick to them.

    Round 3 #86 - Minnesota trades their 3rd round pick QB Matt Cassel.

    Round 3 #97 - Patriots receive a 3rd round compensatory pick for losing Asante Samuel to free agency.

    Projected Patriots draft picks through 7 rounds:

    Round 1 #22 (from MIN)
    Round 1 #23 (pats pick)
    Round 2 #47 (from SD)
    Round 2 #56 (pats pick)
    Round 3 #86 (from MIN)
    Round 3 #91 (pats pick)
    Round 3 #97 (comp pick for Samuel)
    Round 4 #120 (pats pick)
    Round 5 #151 (pats pick)
    Round 6 #186 (pats pick)
    Round 7 #216 (pats pick)

    Patriots draft with trades:

    *Pats trade 1st round pick #22 (MIN), 2nd round pick #47 (SD), and 5th round pick #151 to Buffalo for their 1st round pick #11.

    *Pats trade 1st round pick #23 and 2nd round pick #56 to San Diego for their 1st round pick #16.

    Round 1 #11 - Rey Maualuga ILB USC
    Round 1 #16 - Jeremy Maclin WR Missouri
    Round 3 #86 - Rashard Johnson FS Alabama
    Round 3 #91 - Tony Gonzalez TE Kansas City Chiefs
    Round 3 #97 - Domonique Johnson CB Jackson State
    Round 4 #120 - Jasper Brinkley ILB South Carolina
    Round 6 #186 - Brandon Tate WR North Carolina
    Round 7 #216 - Kevin Huber P Cincinnati

    2009 Starters:

    R = Rookie
    FA = Free Agent
    DDT = Draft Day Trade

    QB Tom Brady
    RB1 Laurence Maroney
    RB2 Lamont Jordan
    RB3 Kevin Faulk
    FB Heath Evans
    WR1 Randy Moss
    WR2 Jeremy Maclin (R)
    WR3 Wes Welker
    TE1 Tony Gonzalez (DDT)
    TE2 Ben Watson
    LOT Matt Light, LOG Logan Mankins, OC Dan Koppen, ROG Steven Neal, ROT Nick Kaczer

    OLB Adalius Thomas
    DE Ty Warren
    NT Vince Wilfork
    DE Richard Seymour
    OLB Gary Guyton / Shawn Crable
    ILB Jerod Mayo (weakside)
    ILB Rey Maualuga (R) (strongside)

    CB1 Nnamdi Asomugha (FA)
    FS Rashard Johnson (R)
    SS Brandon Meriweather
    CB2 Ellis Hobbs III
    CB3 Terrence Wheatley
    CB4 Jonothan Wilhite

    P Kevin Huber (R)
    K Steven Gostkowski
    PR1 Jeremy Maclin, PR2 Wes Welker
    KR1 Jeremy Maclin, KR2 Ellis Hobbs III
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