The history of Bagels

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    I like Bagels, in fact I really love bagels.

    But I only like two kinds. The plain and the onion.

    And there is only one good style of bagel.....New York Style with a hard shiny crust not the soft type that you see so often today and never, absolutely never the frozen Lender's kind.

    And I eat my bagel with either plain cream cheese and maybe a little Lox. (Smoked salmon) Nothing else.

    So I was curious about the origin of the bagel and this is what I found.

    Legend has it that in 1683 in Vienna, Austria, a local Jewish baker wanted to thank the king of Poland for protecting his countrymen from Turkish invaders. He made a special hard roll in the shape of a riding stirrup-Bugel in German - commemorating the king's favorite pastime and giving the bagel its distinct shape.

    As bagels gained popularity in Poland, they were officially sanctioned as gifts for women in childbirth and mentioned in community registers. Mothers used them as nutritious teething rings that their infants could easily grasp - a practice still popular today.

    Bagels eventually made their way to Russia, where they were called bubliki and were sold on strings. Like other ring-shaped objects, they were said to bring good luck and possess magical powers. It is even said that songs were sung about bagels!

    And here is the rest.

    That brings up a good idea for a new thread. How about we all check on the origin of something and then post it in a thread called THE ORIGIN OF THINGS?

    I think it might be pretty interesting, fun and educational too.

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