The Herd with Colin Cowherd on the NE/SD Game

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by CTPatsFan, Jan 15, 2007.

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    The men beat the boys, the varsity beat the freshmen, the grown-ups beat the kids. The cagey veteran driver hung on and beat the young newcomer with the "better car and pit crew".

    He's laying into the Chargers and Marty pretty good.
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    I rarely, if ever, agree with what Collin Cowerd says but he's right this time.
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    He's also defending the "classless" allegations by calling the Chargers "classless" for all the stupid $h!t they pulled throughout the day. Cowherd is the only mediot, at least on espn/fox radio, to speak the truth about who is really classless.

    Two points:
    Has anyone actually seen this "classless" display, or are we to blindly swallow what Saint LaDanian feeds us?
    The best way to prevent someone from mocking a teammate's "celebration" is to have your lying, cheating, pimply freak of a teammate stop "celebrating" like that. That is the true "disrespect".
  4. PatsFaninAZ

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    There's one tv shot that shows a patriot player making the choke sign to the bench for about one second after the missed field goal.

    I'm sure that Hobbs did what it's being said he did. There's another tv shot that shows Rivers with a somewhat incredulous look on his face while looking at the patriots' celebration.

    I'm sure like every media "story" there is some hyperbole added on to a kernel of truth.

    I'm also sure that this is a classic case of the haters finding something to cling to and Chargers fans trying to find any port in a storm to console themselves for a tough loss. The reality is that I've done the same thing myself for teams I follow. There's always a period of a couple of days after a loss where you look for a bad call to blame the game on or to try to distract yourself with something about what a jerk your opponent is. We do it a bit here too.

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