The Health of the Offense

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    will now be hit less, with Light and Koppen back, experience from the OL rooks, and by continuing the improving OL into the future. Also, securing the TE situation into the future, adding a fullback, and adding a short-yardage and future starting RB will also help protect Brady by giving him addition weapons. Jackson and Caldwell will help him get over losing Givens. Having a better running game will keep Brady's jersey clean.

    Dillon will not need to play hurt. More importantly, he will not have to play short yardage situations. In addition, the upgrade to Mills at fullback should help Dillon. Dillon should be able to extend his career with fewer carries in 2007 and 2008, as Bettis did.

    Now that we have four tight ends, 3-4 active in any game, we can worry less about injuries to tight ends. And Thomas and Mills are great weapons (they are already being compared to Novacek and Christiansen).

    When Light and Koppen come back healthy, we will have seven starters all active on Game Day, with starters that can be rotated in as needed. In addition, we will have two top young prospects learning, and ready when needed.

    With the offense on the field more with a better running game, the defense will be on the field less, and they too will be better rested and healthier.

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