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The Gospel of John

Discussion in 'Religion and Lighthearted Discussion' started by Lifer, Jun 21, 2007.

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    The more I study this book or the Gospel of John. The more, I've fully understood who Jesus Christ really is (GOD the Son) GOD in the flesh!
    Just a view verses there's too many to list John 1:1, 1:10,1:14,1:18, etc.

    I love it, b/c I started studying the original "Greek" and translation's into English. It's great just for an example ego eimi (greek ) is translated into english as "I AM"!

    Which Jesus Christ referred to himself too many times too mention but, here's a few: John 8:58, 10:11, 11:25, 13:19, 14:6, 18 : 4-6, etc. PLZ, notice in the Gospel of John chapter 18 verses 4-6! Jesus Christ just said the words "I AM" and Judas & all the powerful Roman soldiers actually fell to the ground (backwards!) So, Jesus had to allow the arresting roman soldier's & his betrayer Judas to get back up from the ground to arrest him & eventually crucify him! That's how much Jesus Christ Loves US!

    The important of these claims made by Jesus Christ R a obvious reference to himself as the Great "I AM who I AM madeby GOD to Moses in the Old Testament translated from ebrew to English in Exodus 3:14! GOD to many times mentioned ,just a couple are: Isaiah 44:6, 48:12-16, etc.

    GOD revealed himself to Moses as (GOD) he would be known by a unique name to Israel
    & Israel's calling was to make GOD known to the world but, they've blinded themselves by disobeying (GOD!) Israel made Idol's false god's to worship.

    Even Israel missed the Savior when Jesus Christ came to earth the 1st time John 1:10.

    P.S.I will respectfully be more than happy to share with anybody and listen to UR belief! I just ask that we respect each other's belief or non-belief b/c
    I won't get into an argument! GOD gave us a free will, so I respect every
    person, maybe I don't agree with their personal view but, I'm well aware it's
    vise-a-versa. with my respect & love, a fellow NE patriot Fan!

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