The good, the bad, and the ugly

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by patfanken, Aug 10, 2007.

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    Just some quick thoughts before I forget-

    THE GOOD -
    1. The Pass blocking - It was excellent most of the time, especially against the Buc's first unit, which has some good rushers. I think they only hit Brady once, and it was gentle. Cassell might have been flushed once or twice.
    2. Matt Cassell- Didn't show the happy feet we've seen before. Stayed in the pocket got his feet set and threw the ball, and most of time well.
    3. Matt Guttierrez - The the F did this kid not get drafted. Not to get carried away but the way he stood in the pocket was VERY impressive. I'm now VERY interested in seeing how this kid progresses into the 2nd game. He made some mistakes, and throws a BAD fade pass, but given his draft status, he was impressive, at least to me.
    4. Justin Rogers - when the show pictures of him lining up, I swear he looked like a retard. However when the ball was snapped he made several plays, not just the sack and fumble recovery. The play that impressed me the most was one running play where he set the corner then extended the LOS and assisted on the tackle. He did in one play what the Pats couldn't get out of TBC in 4 years. Its hard to believe that this kid was a DLman in college.
    5. Randell Gay - played very solidly especially in run support.
    6. Kelley Washington - was this the same guy all the media types left for dead earlier this week. Was this the same guy spotted at practice with his head down, just waiting to be released. He looked strong catching the ball.
    7. Kevin Faulk - is there a more under rated Patriot that you can think of. He still "got it".

    There were several others that played well - others can add to the list, but these six individuals were the ones that first came to mind.

    THE BAD:

    1.Sammy Morris: Looked slow and sluggish. I was waiting for slash, and got smoosh. He looked like Though I did think he looked better as the game went along. I'm willing to give him a pass THIS game. I wonder if the fact the Pats haven't done much live work this camp didn't have an effect, and he would have looked sharper as the game went along. Also the OL wasn't exactly gashing the DL of the Bucs
    2. The overall run defense - granted both Warren and Seymour weren't there, but still.... What I didn't see were RBs being snapped back, like you saw the Bucs D do several times over the course of the game.
    3. NONE of the rookie punters could drop a ball inside the 20

    THE UGLY - Actually the only ugly thing I saw was that ill advised, ill thrown 3rd and 2 pass by Guttierrez at the end of the game. He was doing a good job underneath, and the Pats at that time needed more first downs than they did long plays at that time. The failure to pick up that 1st down, ultimately cost them the game (he said over dramatically)

    Other inoccuous observations:

    1. The Pats 2 back up QBs run SOOOOO much better than the guy who starts.
    2. You will see the pass that Brady over threw to a wide open Wes Welker completed many many times this year.
    3. Gaffney is quickly cementing a place on this team. Very unspectacular, very solid.
    4. Mills looks too small to be more than a flexed out TE or HB, in other words a very specialized player who better find a place on STs
    5. I hope Bam finds an NFL team who can find a place for him. This is just the wrong year for him to be on the Pats, but he deserves to be in the NFL.
    6. Secretly I think Bill loved that we lost. I can't wait for the cliches to come in his press conference.

    Thats all for now. I'll leave others to fill in the blanks.
  2. Oswlek

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    Morris' first couple carries were poor, but he was fine after that while stil facing the Bucs' first string D. I would put him in the "good".
  3. patsox23

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    great stuff - are you going to copyright me on the thread title, though?
  4. Box_O_Rocks

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    Jeepers Ken, that's not the way I saw it! Oh wait, I won't see it before the NFL Network replay tomorrow - never mind. :(
  5. patriot lifer

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    I might add under "the good" that Randal Gay didn't get hurt. yippee!
  6. mgteich

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    1) I liked Gutierrez a lot (more than I have ever liked Cassell).
    2) Mills didn't do anything to help his cause (Rivers looked better)
    3) The starting OL was really solid and in synch. Welcome RT Kaycur.
    The backup OL was OK also.
    4) Gaffney looked fine. He makes the team. He has a great post-season and a great camp.

    6) I don't notice the line much except for Wright. He's a keeper. Let's extend him soon!
    7) Thomas will fit right in. Rogers made a statement. He'll be given more reps. I wasn't especially impressed with Lua. I see an injury coming for him. Mays looked lost.
    8) Welcome back Randall Gay!!!!! I'm confortable with him starting.
    () Nice move by Mitchell.
  7. PonyExpress

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    Totally agree. Wouldn't be surprised if BB manipulates an 0-4, 1-3 preseason this year so that all the players burn their press clippings before the real bullets fly.
  8. zippo59

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    I also thought Morris looked better as the game went on. I don't think he was bad at all.

    Watch out for Heath Evans. He had some nice blocks in the running game. We might have a legit full back on our hands.
  9. patriot lifer

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    He did look good. It's interesting that on Reiss's blog, he didn't have him on the second team DL. He apparently replaced Warren during the first team's stint. Reiss had the following as the second team DL's:

    DE: Kenny Smith
    NT: Le Kevin Smith
    DE: Santonio Thomas

    I guess they rotated him in with Kenny Smith or Thomas coming out. Nevertheless, this line is deep. Can't wait until Richard Seymour is back!
  10. patriot lifer

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    I agree. I think the colts went 0-4 last year. and look where that got them.
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  11. patfanken

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    Actially they mentioned that the Colts were 1-8 over the last 2 years in preseason and that netted them a superbowl and a trip to the AFCCG. I think there is a lesson to be learned in that.
  12. patfanken

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    I don't entirely disagree, he did play better as the game went on, especially his TD run, but overall he didn't look like the same guy who carved up the Pats D last fall. I'm hoping I see more next week. More slashing...less moosh.
  13. patfanken

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    Actually I missed the best thing of all that came out of this game. NO INJURIES. :D
  14. zippo59

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    I'm not so sure about that. Matt Cassel was worked on after that QB sneak and didn't play at all in the second half. that suprised me and I wouldn't be suprised if something was up.
  15. zippo59

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    I don't think Lua looked slow as much as he looked confused and tentative. That play where he gave up the TD was against a wide receiver, and most linebackers are going to look slow against a receiver, however, he still should have made the tackle. There were times where he was just running around in the middle of the field not sure where to go.
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  16. DaBruinz

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    PFK -
    I always enjoy your commentary, but I have to ask a question because I didn't see the game. How could Washington look good catching the ball when the only had 2 receptions for 23 yards?
  17. cubicle_6

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    I had a different impression of the o-line performance than some.
    Maybe it's my expectations of them, but thought pressure came too quick on the QBs.
    Run defense was pretty poor, but won't get too concerned about that at this time.

    Good to see Gay out there and making some good open field tackles.
    Not a good sign that a DB is making all these tackles, but was good none the less.
    Merriweather had a real good run support play on the fumble in the Bucs' backfield...didn't see who made the 2nd hit to force the fumble.

    I hope Gaffney makes the team.
    Troy is my all-time favorite player, but I'm afraid I have
    Welker, Moss, Gaffney, Stallworth and even Caldwell ahead of him.
    If we keep 6, and I think we do, there's going to be a couple painful cuts.
    Chad missing in action" Jackson would have a legitimate grievance if he's put on IR and is medically cleared to practice. I suppose Troy would make it ahead of Washington and Jackson.

    Would like to see another RB in there this preseason to take some hits.
  18. DarrylS

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    Not gonna answer for PFK, but thought he played big and showed a flash of speed after the catch.. there were so many players in and out 2 catches were a good nights work. I have thought that this guy might be a keeper, nothing substantial, but looks like a Pats type blue collar guy.
  19. dhamz

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    Are we sure about that? Warren played a couple plays and then came out of the game and didn't return while the rest of the first D played a few series.
  20. Krugman

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    PFK,I have to agree with Owslek re Morris,after a couple short gains I thought he looked okay,not spectacular,but it is preseason......

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