the Good and the Bad through 7 games

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    The Good

    the pats are 5-2 and both losses came on the road vs a up and comeing bills team and a team that was in the super bowl last year, the receiving core as a whole is the most talent Brady has ever had and the offense is one of the best in the NFL, the OL got a big upgrade in waters and Good dept at T with Solder

    The Bad

    the defense is what it is, the front 7 is not great but when Haynesworth and wilfork are on there game they make up for the holes at DE and OLB, at DB it is a whole other animal after McCourty Chung and Arrington they are Garbage and McCourty is haveing a Bad year,

    but what is even more concerning is the offense when they are not playing with a big lead they just Drop the runing game and go into full on pass happy mode, Brady starts to lock on to one or two Guys when he has RB's TE's and Guys like Ocho and Edelman the defense cant cover everybody,

    the bottom line is this the defense will look better in games were the offense puts up 30+ but come playoff time they will have a hard time holding anyone under 25 and the offense and coachs when playing without the lead start to do the same stuff that has lost them 3 playoff games in a row but the good part is the pats can get hot to end the year and i dont see one team in the AFC that is unbeatable
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